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#2: What are we doing Amazon Legal? It’s August 30th, 2022 and you still achieved nothing but (ERC) Team USA asking for my ID Verification again…

Author's note: What are we doing right now it's August 30th? I guess it's time to review and go over now ideas of you wrapped inside of a false reality matrix since you are still executing adverse actions, so in case you forgot what adverse actions are let's go over that as well, again.

A continuation of idiocy in ongoing emails, and my solid warning of absolute rejection of such gross actions of incredibly atrocious support email responses from ERC team “USA” as a followup for this day August 30th

Author’s Note: This post was sent as an email to ERC from liu@siu.amazonpapers.org on August 30th at 10:30PM CST, as an additional aid in viewing emails sent to ERC from Ziping Liu, given the amount of times they have been lost into an abyss of non-responses and non-replies from ERC since May 2022. THe edits made on October has removed a section that will be published elsewhere. The edits in October also update the situation to the context now arrived for October, given the post originally written in September.

What are we doing right now it’s August 30th? October 7th December 30th, 2022…? I guess it’s time to review and go over now ideas of you wrapped inside of a false reality matrix since you are still executing adverse actions, so in case you forgot what adverse actions are let’s go over that as well, again.

I guess at the end of the day, today being August 30th, 2022: what did you Achieve Amazon and Jeff Bezos with Andy Jassy?

Nothing – again, no response from ERC today other than asking for my id verification AND of course the only thing that has been achieved so far sounded by you Amazon Legal because who the f**** would deem my LinkedIn Account as spam other than Amazon itself – but you Amazon Legal idiots banning my LinkedIn.com account didn’t achieve anything because now everything is just more recorded and archived via twitter and WordPress press literature reports now,

Like how my LinkedIn Account daily changes with its summary but overwritten with each new entry and not saved so I guess good job making me change platforms… And LinkedIn Security really just makes me wonder what exactly is secure about a Security team that, restricts my LinkedIn account on August 15th after Amazon Legal spam reported it, then un-restricts my LinkedIn Account on September 14th, then restricts my LinkedIn Account again on September 17th. As if this Security team just enjoys toying along with the corporate retaliation ongoing by deciding to get in on the adverse action, through its own form of non-compliant organizational bylaws of supposed make believe terms and conditions. LIU LLC sees between the lines, you un-restricted our Linkedin.com/in/liu to avoid having any legal consequences , then updated your terms and conditions on September 15th to cover your own liabilities with restrictions of accounts such that you have even more of process of not actually an appeals process and can restrict accounts at your own discretion without any reason whatsoever, then restricted our accounts again on September 17th once you published your new terms and conditions such that you are then covered from LIU LLC’s reverse inquiry.

You go get them tiger! You sure showed us how to solve a problem in which you have no real appeals process within LinkedIn Accounts.

You sure solved a huge issue. Way to go LinkedIn Security and LinkedIn Legal, that is sure as one great way to follow the footsteps of your icon, Amazon Legal, which did the same exact type of resolution process.

Let’s take step back, Executives, to an even more sad reality now surfaced

And, it’s just like cloth paper and your Amazon Legal documents; at the end of the day the credibility tied to a LinkedIn Account of mine on some soon to be myspace website is just my own self worth’s credibility linked to some form of a public database of a public record of mine through being records related to my professional path(s) traveled throughout my time in life living in reality.

Even though my LinkedIn account,

has seen things you little people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion bright as magnesium.. All those moments… they’ll be gone

Was what you, Amazon Legal and Company, had hoped when you, Andy Jassy and Executives, retaliated against me…

Great work, sure the LinkedIn account is gone and buried away into the dozens of other cases of account restrictions backlogged in LinkedIn’s support casing systems to bury under, much like a teardrop in the rain.

But as said, it’s just like your cloth papers and your legal documents of titles and rights reserved for Amazon.com. It doesn’t determine what I am, my worth or my credibility. It’s just a piece of paper, or a piece of digital paper that isn’t at all what generates value for the credit, and of course I don’t need abstractions of credit as LinkedIn connections had or the amount of plastic beads in my chest-box to understand the notion of where and how credit comes from, and thereby through reflective symmetry where purpose comes from, where hope comes from and where faith is then forged.

i, not Robot in anyway or any-form. I don’t need a matrix overlayed on top of my reality and existence like an iRobot smart vacuum’s generated map of a house floor’s walled sections or an Attorney Drone’s of Amazon Legal’s concept of the rule of law as a game of hopscotch to be jumped over and under through loopholes only, as the only know how in navigating what is reality. 

I simply walk around in reality and live and breath, and perceive it, as I would like any normal human being with ability and capacity of thoughts in higher processes to see and view the world simply the way it is

Ziping Liu – January 28th, 1996

Through in and of a careful awareness in not having or introducing any preconceived notions or unintentional biases in any way or form that my brain may otherwise place into my mind as an actual part of this reality.

And, right now, you, Amazon Legal and Andy Jassy with Adam and Jeff, completely do not look like you can do anything in reality checks for yourself of the situation regarding my concerns nor show any reality of awareness to concerns at all beyond spouting words of “egregious” towards the infamous blackmailer LINA KHAN. Because right now you are simply doing the same thing you did for the past 90 days and yet... Calling the cops to come by my house for a chat, not once, but twice is something you move so fast to action and execute at a pace of within 3 hours based on my timing of the turnaround time for said peace-officer booty-calling action item executed…

My credibility and self worth is tied and determined to my actions and how I act in reality

And so that’s to say, it’s a lot more-so than any title of writings bestowed to me as a linked-in public record to be viewed or a number to look at and smile from a top high-scores board. And based on the FBI Peace officer tea party hosting of evening and afternoon chats I’ve had, since you great leaders at Amazon called them to my house twice,

…Once at 11:45 PM CST I hope you do not forget that because you woke me up while I was sleeping and that is incredibly rude

I don’t go to your house Andy Jassy or Adam Selipsky or Amazon ERC Agent #2 and knock on your door at 3 AM in the morning when you ignore my emails so why do you think you have a right to do the same to me

And not for even delivering an ignored email, but to simply deliver a new message through theatrics to scare me. And of course such peace officers then actually talking to me after having the preconceived bias in which I was framed into some sort of horrible person by Amazon HR such that the police and FBI proxy agents would regard me as a threat and arrest me. I talk to them and then wing a an elevator pitch as requested by them of the actual situation at hand, and that was all they needed to hear, while also realizing Amazon HR gave them some odd descriptions of my self that did not at all align with my actual self in reality when they saw me.

I know Amazon seems to think right now it’s not doing anything out of normal, it’s handling an ERC case for an employee current at Amazon, and is having some difficulties with its verification steps so it might take a few day right? Unfortunately with the ongoing correspondence now past October’s start, it no longer at all seems normal to anyone. The very repetitive exhaustive patterns of correspondence is so blatant and obvious, that it does not at all make Amazon ERC and of course by symmetry, Amazon Corporate Leadership, at all a sane and sound group.

And what is also even more troubling is the turnaround time differences now seen: Amazon there’s something that doesn’t quite add up here, how is it that you can move so fast with your actions of retaliation in adverse actions (in one week, the first week of May, you managed to send out two motions of failed terminations signed by your legal team and then also set up HR meetings with me that never at all talked about the second attempt of termination, hence your call to the police on May 7th to send me the HR message instead – although these actions are insane and incredibly stupid, they require a lot of organizational processes to be sped through so as I always say, if you can call the FBI to come talk to me within a 3 hour turnaround time, you can send me my wages within 3 hours as well; yet, when it’s actually action items given to you that is not part of adverse actions and albeit some might say even quite normal for a day to day employer, you, Andy Jassy and Company have taken over 153 183 days ongoing now?

So why do you think I am absolutely not impressed with the current email performances and +1 random phone call from ERC this past two weeks?

Because I don’t buy these non-actions of performances these past two weeks. Why don’t you great leaders of empathy at Amazon, actually pick up the pace and make moves like somebody with any ability to feel a sense of conscience Andy Jassy and not like some psychopath lost in a world without its matrix of bending laws back and forth as a form of getting to point a to point b since:

That’s the only thing psychopaths and sociopaths know how to do – to gain as much as possible even if the means are not justified yet are more than happy paths to an end if simply the most efficient and shortest route to take – and recursively inwards in logic using “yet,” as emphasis:

Yet ignoring such route is only short as defined by the matrix overlayed onto, and not the reality itself.

Doesn’t make sense? It’s like focusing on short term gains to get as much as you can for your quarterly report to your boss to get that promotion but without any idea at all of the larger reality of a companies health and stability of sailing safely and with stable longterm growths ahead.

And, so if you as the chief of operations can’t do anything about my concerns and are still stalling; and you as board of directors Wendall can’t do anything about it, what does that tell everyone about you, in your abilities as leaders beyond that of the title you hold “CEO” or the amount of plastic in your treasure chest as a lottery winner in “founding” such a plastic-mine to dig from? Well from the judge of things, to put things back into perspective of the state of affairs and concerns: it tells us the entire company of Amazon is in on this retaliation and all agreeing to allow it to happen without any concern of corrective action taken because then again we ask: how did you move so fast with retaliatory actions then?

Okay so let’s ask this question: why do we not run organizations like a dictatorship stacked like a house of cards? Because well I already said so end of July, which you Amazon Corporate Leaders, actually skyrocketed traffic for that week when it was released, but simply ignored since you had not at all resolved any concerns of mine after reading it.

All I see around me is fear and dead men right now

Darth Vader

On Sun, Aug 28, 2022 at 3:59 AM Amazon ERC via jl4156txkp7z.36-b5qseaq.na81.bnc.salesforce.com wrote:

Hello Liu,

Thank you for contacting the Amazon ERC. I am happy to assist with this!
Before I am able to move forward, I will need to verify you for security. Can you please provide me with the below information:

Your first and last name:

The first line of the home address we have on file for you:

Your birth month and day:

Once I get this information back from you, I will be able to assist with your question.

If you would prefer to verify security over the phone, please give the ERC a call at 888-892-7180 and reference Case ID: 53290685

Thank you,
Employee Resource Center
ERC Phone: Toll Free 888-892-7180

ref:_00D36b5qS._5001Q1R4WBn:ref via jl4156txkp7z.36-b5qseaq.na81.bnc.salesforce.com

I’m sending it over once again. I’m not really sure what the issues are. Salesforce? Can you help these guys out at clientengineering@amazon.com and help them set up the email systems better.

Here’s everything for the security info id for Ziping Liu:

  • Your first and last name: Ziping Liu
  • The first line of the home address we have on file for you: 1801 Angelo Drive 
  • Your birth month and day: January 12 1964
  • Recent Hire Date: March 1994
  • Your Amazon Employee ID: 1
  • Your Amazon Alias: jeff@

Please respond with action and acknowledgement of concerns by today Aug 31st.  Friday Oct 7.

Here’s the ticket ID’s numbers and reference keys used by ERC themselves, to help track this as the main email to respond to ERC:

Respond to this email: liu@siu.panamapapers.org immediately, or honestly whichever email address you prefer. There is a lot at this point since ya’ll keep blocking my emails. Don’t do that! Corporate retaliation loves to mask out certain email addresses from reception and/or channel it into a different stream of inboxes where it just simply gets routed to insanity land with ERC@Amazon.com.

Use this reference key: ref:_00D36b5qS._5001Q1R4WBn:ref via jl4156txkp7z.36-b5qseaq.na81.bnc.salesforce.com 

Okay does this make things easier? Are we good to go now and to action my concerns Andy Jassy and ERC of the US Team? I am trying to do things in good-faith still, let’s all be honest and helpful okay? Let’s try to use these ID’s for the ticket.

These tickets are also tracked on amazenping.com, my system i set up for you guys, and it tracks every ticket and routes the tunnels of them -> into a path of tickets going nowhere into no response and no actions seen stages of concern from ERC, which are all recorded as adverse actions. So as a reminder of another ticket ID for this ticket now: I bought you guys a brand new email support ticketing system at: zipingliucorporationllc.zendesk.com aka amazenping.com, let’s use a specific ticket ID from there as well: ticket (#2162) by Ziping Liu You are literally adverse actioning more and more marks in the audit book of the SIU LIU, you are casing your own graves Andy, so let’s step up to the plate and get things handled for Ziping Liu. That’s not a request, that’s simply an action item to be handled immediately.

Zendesk.com – Mothership Zendesk based Support, support systems and partner of LIU LLC

OR is the “US Team” this horrible at treating its U.S. Citizens, such as Ziping Liu, as a human being? (i seriously need the FBI to strip whelgers@amazon.com of his security clearance immediately)

Is this the reality here? You don’t see me as a human being with human rights. You believe that it is rightful to blackmail, retaliate, and adverse actions against another human and deem it as below you Amazon.com? 

YOU believe that when a person stands up against the un-just and stands for empathy, and Amazon’s LP’s you actually retaliate against the person that does so, because the reality is the LP’s are just a masking and veiled layer over a darker more cult-like culture of tribalistic mentalities built through a house of cards ?

Is the entire Amazon.com company so evil and wicked that they cannot even grant another human it’s rights, not just as any human, but in this case, a U.S. Citizen being told over and over again it’s ID needs to be verified, from a supposed US Team for Employee Resources? Is it this hard to treat someone a little better than what you are treating me as right now Andy Jassy and Company?  What is wrong with you Andy Jassy and Jeff Bezos? Why are you so either: A: horrible at getting ERC to run and operate well enough to actually act on my concerns,  

So we are going to just escalate up the channels then write out Appendix B. No further polls will be released until ERC actually responds to my email that actions my concerns, e.g. wages, position, medical leaves, very simple tasks that don’t require this much idiocy from emails by @ajassy Twitter’s ERC Team of HRCS-CASE-US@amazon.com. Not sure what the heck you guys are doing but we are just escalating up until we reach the top to Presidents of the World’s national governments themselves. That way we have everyone that are counterparts or stakeholders in the loop if it gets that far for ending Appendix B as a your inability to rationalize with thoughts of empathy, Andy Jassy and affiliates. 

I have not received a response from Amazon ERC yet. I am not sure why it is so hard for Amazon Legal and Andy Jassy with Amazon’s Founder Jeff Bezos to send me an email stating they are working on my concerns, because I have just now sent my security identification again. You need my social security  number now? Okay here it is: can you please action my wages, medical leave; and position now Andy Jassy and Jeff? Or are you this wicked and still playing dumb with me… Or, as in:


actually still exhausting out time as much as you can so that you can still in your deluded imaginations have this false hope of covering up what you did: corporate retaliation/blackmail/adverse actions against Ziping Liu. Do not be that crazy and insane, because – this is your good-faith warning given: 

B – Exhaustion and Retaliation


If you, Amazon Legal, Andy Jassy, Jeffrey Bezos, Adam Selipsky, Board of Directors and other Chief Officers, and all L7 or higher staff of Amazon HR USA are still exhausting out time to cover this thing up in hopes of not having to do anything at all in response to your liabilities and oversight of this current adverse actioning and retaliations against an employee – now disclosed as Ziping Liu and now disclosed in a form of timelined events; as well as sent via emails

Then you are chasing yourselves by your own actions in circles of insanity at the moment recursively and without any notion of actually having a feedback loop that takes in data to strive towards more and more empathic tunnels of thought patterns – but rather takes in data without any actual ability of intelligent rationality but that of rationality at best stated as form wherein: admitting fully that you are aware that you are casing yourselves as without ability to actually rationalize the world through a mind with conscience thereby in symmetry without a sound mind definable as fully aware of a world beyond itself as the most absolute living entity in your perception of reality, thereby in symmetry you are aware that you are admitting and agree without need of statement that your perception of reality is then not a perception based on what you sense on the outside world but as what you imagine in your said unsound mind, thereby in symmetry you AGREE AND ADMIT that you are schizo-affective and delusional and thereby born with inability to actually be a person with didactic understandings of the world.

Originally sent in a different email thread viewable here.

I need a response today, by August 31st 2022 October 7th December 30th…. Seriously, I need a full response with receipt and acknowledgment of concerns being actions and executed, plus a plan of action for next steps regarding:

  1. Wages being paid (wages have not been paid + requires grievances)
  2. Promotion – because every VP at AMAZON or HIGHER is slo below my league it makes me want to F**** just want to F**** flick off a idling CALEB. (new position because you guys right now running the show are all a bunch of psychopathic devious viruses right now bent on killing other people, like what you are doing to me right now, it may be veiled and masked as corporate retaliation, but you are essentially doing this right now: backstabbing and cannibalizing each other such as me – why me? Why am I the person that gets crucified here with retaliation and adverse actions? What for pointing out issues of an organizational structure and then slowly getting exhausted and retaliated against for doing so? What?!)
  3. FMLA Medical Leave (in case you forgot this is the most outrageously mishandled issue at the moment), and by the way you need to activate my health insurance again.
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