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What are we doing Amazon Legal, Amazon Employee Resource Center of U.S. and Amazon Chief Officers and Board of Directors, you should have all the ID verification you need to action my concerns now – Please respond by Aug 30th Amazon Legal and Resources Center

Author's note: I’m not releasing Appendix B until you guys actually figure out how to use email responses properly. Why are we asking for my verification so much? And this is a key road block that ERC@amazon.com has had since June which is: verification of ID. And then after the verification of ID is complete then it […]

I’m not releasing Appendix B until you guys actually figure out how to use email responses properly. Why are we asking for my verification so much? And this is a key road block that ERC@amazon.com has had since June which is: verification of ID. And then after the verification of ID is complete then it becomes a trail of email tickets then suddenly disappearing with no more response from ERC. I’m glad you guys have a new email you are using now, and I’m also glad you guys are using salesforce tracking again and case ID’s. Can we stop with the whole emails never being responded to again Amazon HR? Okay so who is in charge of this? Whoever is in charge of this let’s have a #day1 mentality and get this responded to in one day okay? Not responded to in over 90 days of non-responses and dead-ins in email trails alright?

It’s not a good look to keep on doing the same mistakes over and over again. Why is it so hard to action my concerns? Do you have the ability to actually rationalize that what you are doing is wrong? Because right now, let’s step back a moment and review what was said from On this Day series #3

And as an intro to the assessment now beginning as Research In Motion of Append B:

Please see here, as another intro to Abstract B, Abstract B is a lot more work because I didn’t realize I would have to do this, I had no idea these grown ups in charge at Amazon Legal are this bereft of conscious ability to live and exist in society.

Has not actioning my payments at all been something worth calling the FBI and lying about to them to enforce? 



C-Further Assessment Required

And quite factually: 

This is the most insane and low performing group of executives I’ve ever coached in my life. 

I just want you, Amazon Legal and Staff of Andy Jassy, of egregious filing victimhood personality character disorders, 

In now memorialization and remembrance with this re-release of on this day series #2080122, do you know, as a re-statement given as a reminder to provide now a solid awareness of the reality at hand to you Amazon Executives, why I have stood my ground? 

As subtle, as quiet, and as ignorant as you may be Amazon Executives, 

  1. I don’t want to let children grow up in a world and have to go through this kind of issue by men who think running a corporation, running organizations, like a tiny kingdom is the right way to form society.
  2. Because I don’t know if you have picked up a history book, Amazon-Based Founder Jeff Bezos, but running society’s entities like this is how civilizations rise and fall. 
  3. I just had no idea you idiots at Amazon, some who went to Harvard (thank you Harvard so much for giving us Father Andy Jassy, a national treasure), have absolutely no understanding of how we came to be, and allow this as your powers to motion.

Do you know why I have not let down, and have not allowed this retaliation and blackmail by Amazon CEO and LEGAL and DIRECTORS, to be an issue to let go of, to walk away from and just say to myself as, oh well?

  1. So much so that it’s now a free case study for other orgs to use as to how not to be a group of Board of Directors and CEOs and Founder and Chairman. 
  2. Because when you run an entire organization in bad faith with just a few people up top. You end up actually killing someone who isn’t Ziping.  Because maybe you haven’t gotten this part in your heads yet.
  3. But not everyone can do what Ziping is doing right now. 
  • So that’s why Ziping is making sure this never happens again.  Just because I am still here, doesn’t mean I’m having a good time idiots, I am kinda of dying right now but hey you know what whatever FMLA can just be a rubber stamp for now on Great Job DOL.GOV and wow this is the complete opposite of leading with empathy andy, or is this your idea of what that means???(APPEND_B_REF2). Because the one part that you ignorant idiots seem to ignore, is I am still here. And you are all at the AMAZON EXECUTIVE CONTROL CENTER STILL JUST ADVERSE ACTIONING AND THINKING HEY GUYS, IT’S ALL GOOD IT’S BEEN PUT INTO A STEADY STATE BETWEEN ZIPING AND OUR LEGAL TEAM . Again as a reminder, I don’t believe you Andy and Jeff, will ever get it, I don’t think the average person would be alive right now at this point, you guys are not realizing I’m simply an outlier and still am pushing that datapoint past more and more extremes, not by my hands, by by yours and ERC’s, Andy and Jeff Bezos..
  •  And I have achieved a lot more in the last two months of my life standing up against this shit, than you men at Amazon right now, will ever achieve in your whole lives.  
  • Because you kept on ignoring, and what happened, time walked past you and now writes a new claim to your so-called Amazon.com corporation. 
  • That Amazon.com corporation tried to murder Ziping Liu, and Ziping Liu is still right here, and has motioned very controlled actions in response. 

Because I don’t want to live in a world  where the next generation after me grows up to only then see after the movements of 1964 a tragic reality of this chaos,

And then experience a world cycle increasing in a negative delta of a further bereft of a society harmoniously striving to be a more perfect union of standings in good-will, good-faith. In the future, I do not want to present such events as events that we should submit to and not be shown as events that we can overcome or stand up against for the next generation. It’s a dark world out there.

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