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#1/6 Remembering Ziping Liu aka Ian Gibbons – A Three Piece Special Ft. MIT

Author's note: Report Literature Abstract Register for the Latest Webinars – Support Submission To: ajassy@amazon.com; erc@amazon.com; selipsky@amazon.com; Originally Sent: September 23rd, 2022 Let’s look back at Amazon’s Health Plan, and “Resources for Amazon Living” in partnership with Aetna. Note: LIU LLC has been a partner with Aetna since at least 2005, we go a long way back, just like […]

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Report Literature Abstract

Register for the Latest Webinars – Support Submission

To: ajassy@amazon.com; erc@amazon.com; selipsky@amazon.com;

Originally Sent: September 23rd, 2022

Cc: amazonbenefits@amazon.com; aws-receivables-support+w0fjy291bnq6mdu5mzg5odczmtuzxvtdt0wtode1mjq0nl0=@email.amazon.com; ajassy@amazon.com; aws-receivablessupport+w0fjy291bnq6xvtjrs03ntg4ntkzxq==@email.amazon.com; vp@amazon.com; aws-receivables-support+w0fjy291bnq6xvtjrs03ntcymde3xq==@email.amazon.com; no_reply@post-account.applecard.apple; mackenmi@amazon.com; aws-receivables-support+w0fjy291bnq6mdu5mzg5odczmtuzxvtjrs03ndi2nzcyxq==@email.amazon.com; wellness@amazon.com; aws-premium-support@amazon.com; ajw@amazon.com; aws-launch-news@amazon.com; amazon-rfl@amazon.com; rfl@amazon.com; rfl-team@amazon.com; selipsky@amazon.com; aws-hr-contact@amazon.com; careerwellness@amazon.com; fortied@amazon.com; carolgra@amazon.com; lziping@amazon.com; selipsky@amazon.com; @mmackenzie@amazon.com; ethicshotline@amazon.com; legal@cia.gov

Let’s look back at Amazon’s Health Plan, and “Resources for Amazon Living” in partnership with Aetna. Note: LIU LLC has been a partner with Aetna since at least 2005, we go a long way back, just like our partnership with Google, since 2005. Here’s the email sent out on 9-23, but with NEW and additional edits due to the email sent out on Sep 28 from ERC and the actions sounded out by Andy Jassy with his Corporate Leadership team on October 1st, 2022.

Report Literature Title

Resources for Amazon Living 

Isn’t this just rich? I get an email about “Resources for Living” as part of the benefits package of my Amazon Benefits that was TURNED OFF IN MAY DURING MY FMLA LEAVE RENDERING ME UNABLE TO RECEIVE MEDICAL SURGERIES FOR OVER 154 DAYS,  And then it was turned back on when I told Aetna SIU about it since it was turned off during my FMLA and I explained to them that this is going to kill me. And Not only that, I have sounded evidenced from October 1st 2022, given the plethora of report released to Amazon associates for the past two weeks of the situation at hand encompassing the concern, that resulted in them doing what exactly? Turning off my life, turning off my health insurance, and making solid moves to kill me.

And it’s just the irony of it all, knowing full well what I have been through and still going through that makes Amazon Benefits and its Wages a complete scam and blackmail adventure against me. And the richest part of all, the icing on top? It’s the fact that ERC today, on Sep 28th, sent me the most unsettling and out of touch with reality email, as explained why here.

And that is to say, why is it just right now, Mid-Morning-Day on this wonderful Friday of Selipsky’s 30th day of this Month in Amazon Blackmail Mentality and I still don’t have any wages, I don’t have a response from any leadership or organization in charge that is at all at this point, with sound understanding my concerns, and right now

From #TheDropout

As evidenced in writing by the idiocy and insanity of motions ongoing by this Corporate Leadership, this is not at all the Amazon Legal team that you think you are, regarding me as this disposable Ian Gibbons.

I have absolutely no clue what the h*** you guys at ERC Corporate Tower Control Centre of CALEB VP and Higher are doing right now in your insanity of actions on-going. Namely, your polls stating, “Yes we will address concerns,” and the actions being showcased, which is at this point, you terminating my health insurance for no-good reasons , and regardless of any “programming errors.”

This is the Amazon Legal, General Counsel of Amazon, that is the reality of what you, CALEB, are legally empowered with. That is to say, no ability whatsoever due to being taken back to preschool by Ziping Liu, our CEO, he who has no JD. Dr. Liu is currently on vacation, he B**** so much we finally gave him a break. Apparently he’s on FMLA we don’t know what that means.

And I have no idea what you, Amazon Leaders are going to do next because let’s just state it as simply as possibleThe actions you, CALEB and this Counsel of Amazon, have motioned out in corporate adverse actions, as leaders of Amazon in retaliation against a disclosed person and currently employee at Amazon, have been so erratic, illogical, and insane that there is truly no way to have any faith or trust in knowing your next actions will be logical or sane. 

You are like a toddler to me. It’s like I am a parent watching over my new-born toddler, and do you know how stressful that can be? I have no idea if this toddler is going to start crying and making a mess of vomit all over the house dog in the next 20 minutes or be asleep for the next 3; let alone, I cannot even get a full night’s sleep without being woken up by the toddler’s insanity of their reality now to be mine for the next 6 months.It’s stressful for Amazon Legal and Company. So can you understand that this is very stressful, and very unsettling to go through: and perhaps:

I don’t know if I have made this clear, I don’t think you Amazon Legal idiots realize not everyone can do what Ziping has done. Not Everyone can go through this type of Corporate Mission Assignment in undergoing an intense 5-month bootcamp in full on corporate retaliation. Most people would commit suicide. Ziping Liu is not at all the PhD that Mr. Huttenlocher showcases as, having ability of common sense and ability of analytical methodologies in at least 4-Dimensionalities. That is to say, Ziping Liu does not have a PhD at all and definitely not one that would be in Chemistry. No, I will not study chemical engineering either. Go away.

Most people have and do. That’s why it’s not talked aboutMost people who do get blackmailed though had it coming for them so that’s why nobody really cares anyway.   I don’t really know why Amazon Legal decided to blackmail me, I am, to state again, not Christopher Wray nor Epstein.

Excerpt from On This Day – Series 6 – Now in Re-Release as a memorial for the death of Ziping Liu – A Three Piece Special #1, #2, and #3, with #1 wherein.

I am not the Epstein you are making me out to be, Amazon Legal and Andy Jassy. In fact, as show now here from my gift to the minor Corporate Retaliator LinkedIn Corporation, I am definitely not the Epstein and/or horrible criminal you have tried to portray me as to the FBI (you sent law enforcement to my house twice as an attempt to convince the government that I need to be locked up – LIU LLC has been a partner with Defense related Organizations of the U.S. Gov since 2016, they know who I am and so they probably now think Amazon is full of nut jobs).

And I am not a PhD level of ability such as shown by Dean Huttenlocher either, so I’m not the Research Scientist you are looking for either MIT.  am Ziping Liu. And, of course, by association, Harvard and UW, I am also not the Ian Gibbons you are looking for so stop acting as such?

Action for ERC: Activate my Health Insurance, you cannot deactivate someone’s health for no good reasons as clearly stated here.

You cannot at all be this serious AMAZON ERC with Andy Jassy and Jeff Bezos. You surely are at this point, and should be, more aware of your self-perception at this point. And that is to say, why did you make moves to deactivate my life on October 1st given the very sounded emails sent out, and your poll responses?

What have you guys done, at the USA Amazon Corporate Control Tower this past week? I have given you an extension in good-faith for the past 5 days. From October 9th, to October 14th, you were given a very clear agenda to accomplish and you were given very clear consequences in writing that encompasses all of you leaders at Amazon with liabilities forward. It doesn’t matter if there’s no JUDGE stating such consequences. Meet the press. This is the press. This is the solidification of your legacy. The legacy that you bestow on yourself. We are moving forward with press releases. We have purposefully artificially, slowed down traffic growth for the benefit of this not becoming a PR disaster for Amazon.com. What is your response to me Amazon VPs and higher? You doing absolutely nothing again. At this point we are ramping back up site readership growth and planning out new sites accordingly.

This is not the path you want to move forward. Any action that you AMazon Corporate USA, take to resolve this matter, will be acknowledged and may turn the direction of our press reporting. We are a press organization, and we have the integrity of the press to hold. We waited, we waited to control the direction of the press in your favor, in your return, you have returned to us with a week of nothing.

Congratulations, I have contacted the Japanese Government to address
grievances immediately.

Congratulations, I have contacted BMW.
I think they are in Germany

Congratulations, hey McKinsey how is the P1 Escalation ticket going?

Take action now to resolve concerns. WE are not looking for email responses from your non-functioning Employment Retaliation Center (ERC) Amazon. We are looking for action. As noted, we are not at all reserving any rights or privileges to a private attorney or firm or law school to resolve this matter. That would be simply far too easy. Ziping Liu, our chief editor, likes to do things the hard way, the uncharted way, and the road never taken.

And, with all this havoc you have caused and allowed to happen Amazon Corporate Leadership of USA, why did you retaliate against someone like him in the first place Amazon Legal?

Was it because you were already scared of him? Then be fully scared of him, now. Your careers, your livelihoods, are all to be done with through as a small prayer to a hypothetical God…

God Hypothetical…, do not send these Amazonian Savages to hell. Simply do not send them back to the land of the living or dead at all. Let them remain in their own blackness of a 1 dimensional existence for eternity when they shall pass. For I shall never forgive you if you let such a world of hate pass through again with their existence through a recycling back to your kingdom or the kingdom of the dead. Not even Hell, deserves, or should be their destination. Simply, the end.

To a hypothetical God, and if you do not hear me, then God, you do not exist. For why place me in Hell, what have I done to deserve this? Why should I be the one that takes this cup of suffering? I am only human, and you did not give me anything beyond that. So how dare you not listen to me at this point?

I am not religious. I do not believe in any God or Gods. I do not believe in any religious texts. I do not believe in prayer. I have prayed only a few times in my life and I attribute all of the results to coincidence. However, I can say I have always been rewarded for them. As a result of a prayer I made while deeply depressed, this entire corporate retaliation campaign has been conducted. In my prayer to God, I requested that God give me a reason to live again, among other things. Okay God Hypothetical, I understand. I apologize. However, this is too much okay? I am a human, so do you think you can step in and do your thing since you did not give me the ability to see through walls or walk on water? Is it just me being in a state of hell created by the world? This Amazon World, Corporate, created by Jeff Bezos from 1994 to 2022, will it kill me? I don’t know. I just hope, these people never return, that’s all I can say for the sake of this world’s future. 澳门.

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