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#4/6 Remembering Ian Gibbons – Founder’s Edition ON THIS DAY by way of Phase 4 now in preparation

Author's note: A special re-release edition to a wider audience of a personal statement now for a more personal world.

Seriously, view it there instead of here. It’s kinda not unreadable here.

ERC is not at all being led by reasonable leaders with reasonable case resolution timeframes. Or is ERC Amazon of this Amazon dev center us inc, Able to action resolutions immediately?

Amazon ERC, HR, and VP’s and higher are you issuing wages at all because a lot of your polled with the response “Yes…” including CEOs and I don’t have wages and your ERC Team keeps on referring to my employment date as ended. That’s not at all sensible to state at this point. I am currently employed at Amazon, PERIOD. There is a poll for you Amazon, on the right.


Here is the information you, ERC require:

I am Ziping Liu
I am born on January 28th, a long long time ago.
I was hired in March of 2020.
The last four digits of my social is zero four nine four.

I have not at all ended any employment with Amazon, further statements are questions related to “ending” anything of employments will result in Andy Jassy admitting that he has fired himself and that he will then get his AB degree stripped, and then he can just f**** live on his life as a non-Harvard idiot, Rather than just a Harvard Idiot at this point, and also admission that given the ongoing blatant misdirection of corporate motions from what is clearly written on amazonpress.com and what is currently be actioned now, given that amazon apparently follows guidelines required of health and disability policies for its employees, andy jassy will be admitting to having a union behind closed doors making decisions for the businesses that is in line with corporate retaliation, and/or adverse actions and/or actioning erc to continue to not resolve my concerns.

In response to the ERC Email sent on September 30th Below
Hello ,

Thank you for contacting the ERC. I am happy to assist with this!

Before I am able to move forward, I will need to verify you for security. Can you please provide me with the below information:

Your first and last name:

Month and year you ended your employment with Amazon or one of its subsidiaries:

Month and year of your most recent date of hire:

Once I get this information back from you, I will be able to assist with your question.

If you would prefer to verify security over the phone, please give the ERC a call at 888-892-7180 and reference Case ID:

Thank you,

Vishal R.
Employee Resource Center
ERC Phone: Toll Free 888-892-7180

Aetna SIU is more than valid and a reasonable alternative to your ERC leadership right now, because you don’t have an in-house investigations team because you don’t have a operational Ethics department, in fact you don’t have an ethics department at all in your organization that functions as an organization that maintains compliance and good-standing within federal laws and policies of the jurisdiction your organization is incorporated in.

You leaders at Amazon and Amazon Legal, with Andy Jassy are running a union without official paperwork or rights granted by the State in which your company is incorporated in. To have a union in any form must be done through proper approving channels. You, these CALEB retaliators, are running a rogue, behind the scenes union, given the very blatant ‘hidden’ intentions of a group of people at Amazon pushing and trying to exhaust their way out of running a functioning organization and not at all with any real board in existence. You cannot at all have a union in secret. This is now a violation of even more consequences. All members of this off-paper ‘union’ will be dealt with accordingly by Federal laws. Unionization is required of proper setup processes and application. You cannot at all have a union without approval and right now there is a union in Amazon and it is very obvious and clear due to the ongoing motions of this hidden group of leaders, with the most obvious department under this union’s control being Amazon Legal. (I just gave out a tiny hint for what I cannot disclose to the public).

Your ERC team is no longer a department that is at this point, statable as functioning. This has been a truly pathetic and tragic showing of any critical resolutions and operational excellence and/or bar raiser “credibility” of any Amazon VP and especially any AWS VP at this point in time. Who the heck wants to utilize AWS for services of critical infrastructure needs that monitor thing such as a chemical plant when, when there is a critical problem at the moment nothing, CONTINUES TO BE RESOLVED and no real leadership is at all seen, even to the top, in which one board of director has a “PhD” level of observation of the world? I’m pretty sure there’s a reason why Chemical companies hire PhDs and it’s not because of this type of perception of reality, as seen from AWS VP’s and especially with titles of “Engineering VPs.” Your ERC continues to insult my own writing and explanation of the circumstance at this point. Like I have said, I do not think it’s the lack of clarity in my writing that is at all an issue. If you cannot understand the words I write down, then you can go fire yourself because at this point, you are showcasing a level of literacy at best described as a 4 year old.

As for security verification processes, my information is as follows

January 28th

Ziping Liu, Hired in March 2020

Address Line, 109 Spanish Oak Cir

Employment has never ended with Amazon or any of its subsidiaries.

LIU LLC owns all of your subsidiaries, because LIU LLC owns your Legal team by the balls.

Series 4.5 will be released on Amazon Press, via amazonliu.com, stay on the lookout on that website for the new release later this week – specifically referring to week of Oct 19th given originally it was planned to be released Sept 30th.
McKinsey & Company Support Ticket Created, October 1st, 2022
Thank you for getting in touch with McKinsey & Company. Your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate team.
Please note: while we appreciate your questions and feedback, we are unable to respond to all inquiries.
Kind regards,
McKinsey.com Customer Service
From: < {EmailAddress}> Amazon ERC via email.cloudflare.net
Original Date: Fri, Sep 30, 2022 at 3:30 AM
  • Literature Subject: RE: Are you kidding me?
Cc [ …@amazon, …@*.gov]


Thank you for contacting the ERC. I am happy to assist with this!

Before I am able to move forward, I will need to verify you for security. Can you please provide me with the below information:
Your first and last name:
Month and year you ended your employment with Amazon or one of its subsidiaries:
Month and year of your most recent date of hire:
Once I get this information back from you, I will be able to assist with your question.

If you would prefer to verify security over the phone, please give the ERC a call at 888-892-7180 and reference Case ID:

Thank you,
Vishal R.
ERC Phone: Toll Free 888-892-7180

Literature Abstract
ERC Here is my security verification as requested by VP Leaders again Action Required for Current Employed Personnel Ziping Liu
– Originally titled the 32nd HR SPECIAL EDITION Union Busting

Final Series, Four completing the Three Piece Special of Remembering Ian Gibbons – Founder’s Edition ON THIS DAY as #4 of 6 | TRIPLE RELEASE SPECIAL- UNION BUSTING ED

a THREE PART RELEASE Final EDITION For Oct 2nd, 2022














A Foundation For Series #5-8, with a prologue with Series #4.5 of the August Email’s End Extravaganza

  1. https://liu.academy/stakeholder/lettter

  2. https://ajassy.cn/amazonblackmail

  3. https://ajassy.cn/2 https://ajassy.cn/3 https://ajassy.cn/4

No Amazon Legal those are not latin characters. They are Alpha, Beta, and I don’t know and/or I forgot what the other one is, hey I didn’t go to an Ivy League University so please be patient with me.

But you are correct. It is too f*** simple of an abstraction. Amazon Legal why can’t you be more evolved than an ant?

I realized that I missed a piece which is the main course of entree being served to me right now by Amazon Legal. Legal Exhaustion, and/or ignorance.

So series #4.5 will unfortunately be profane in truth but now well I’ll just let you read it once it’s sent out. Unfortunately, we have repeated ourselves. You know, like a broken record. Do you folks know what broken record refers to? It refers to ERC’s email sent on Sep 30th. But as a LIU LOCK learning moment since you guys are probably what, born in the 70’s 60’s very young folks like Jeff and Andy are currently being taught how to behave righteous and not retaliatory.


Ziping Liu is an old man. My English teachers all tell me I have an old soul. That is correct. Everyone is so childish these days, thinking it’s so cool to retaliate and try to get Ziping to commit suicide. LIke, such as what ERC emailed out on Sep 30th. It’s absolutely the most stupid I’ve seen and I cannot at all take such stupidity longer.

Back in the day we had these disks that played out sound. You know like on your Apple Music subscription, what everyone uses to stream music now these days given the high fidelity of formats offered? Or am I just an audiophile?

Anyways, these disks have these tiny grooves, if you look close at one it looks like tiny canals or roads. So yeah these roads are what we had, as called a record player, that would travel over.

To make things simple it would scratch the road and then make out sound.

How did we figure that out? Algorithms. It’s all formulaic, and governed by MATHEMATICA lemmas and corollaries such that, it became abstract-able into,

To put simply: hey scratch a U shaped road at a 80 degree curvature, because I want to generate sound waves that are at s a 120HZ frequency.

Sometimes the car, or the record’s tiny needle, that travels, breaks down and jumps onto the wrong highway and goes the wrong way. Usually what occurs is hearing something being played over and over again.

So what is Amazon doing? They have sent this email out, like what, is anyone counting? probably 20 times this month.

And guess what, if we actually analyze every single email sent out by Amazon ERC since May, you would see that 99 percent of all those emails are what you see above in those tweets.

They don’t seem to get past the security verification or they simply just state “hey looks like your employment ended.”

It’s October, wow. Where is my wages Adam? I’ve been asking you since April of 2022. You truly do look just like your LinkedIn photo, staring off into nowhere given you can’t at all see reality.

From #TheDropout's Legal Team Scenes
So this is called exhaustion.
Unfortunately, Amazon Legal’s attorneys are not good at legal work.

Series #5 is going to make things very profane and very real, to the exhaustive Andy and Adam. It’s not going to be at all a nice series release. But it is at least a final way of giving Andy and Adam a chance to respond without doing exhaustion tactics. I’m not sure if your legal team is catching on to why. And if your legal team has no idea why, then that is exactly why your organization of this corporation is a sh*t hole of this leader driven garbage. So stop, think, and respond.

Give me like 3 hours sorry, #4.5 is finished drafting, just need to release it.
I’m a new paragraph block.

Wow and Just like that, three months just flew by. Wow, I’m sure Amazon Legal is so happy with themselves at this point given how much they have not achieved.


So that means ERC has not done anything since May so it’s at a critical point for Ziping’s sanity as well. Save Ziping’s life today

Send Emergency Cares Based Donations in Lieu of Amazon ERC not knowing how to action wages since April
Become an Entity level Partner with LIU LLC and gain Legal Advice you won’t find anywhere else
Online Petitions

Share the emails to showcase to your constituents why you should not trust AWS and/or Amazon services at all, nor any VPs at this point either.


AND YOU DON’T NEED A JD TO HAVE ONE, I think I’m dying so need help. Somebody with some law medium. Wow Amazon is completely filled with the most wretched. Leaders. Wow.


Like this is not cool, And thus I use my voice to state this disaster as uncool Through a plethora of mediums in a plethora of ways.




Especially given that this is not at all something that is at my paygrade to deal with, which is to say my paygrade is far to high at this point to be dealing with such insane, stupid, executive level adult tantrums of insane leadership of adverse actions corporate wise. That is for HR to deal with through terminations handed out to every single VP that has failed to resolve my concerns. It’s not a hard task to handle. And if HR Cannot handle such a simple set of tasks then why are we having an underground illegal union tampering and changing the interests of the business? Because the interest of the business is your LP’s AMazon, not corporate retaliation.



From: Ziping Liu <care@ziping.love>
Date: Fri, Sep 30, 2022 at 12:15 PM
Subject: ERC Support Required with full Response with Resolutions of Concerns – sixteenthHour at the thirtieth On This Day June 1st
To: Amazon ERC

Amazon ERC and Corporate Leaders, stop. I know exactly what you’re doing, and have been doing. Just stop. Resolve my concerns immediately.

You are so f**** stupid, all of you VPs and higher right now.

On Fri, Sep 30, 2022 at 10:40 AM Ziping (LIU Info Support ) wrote: 
A ticket (#5234) by Ziping has been received. It is assigned to Dean Huttenlocher..
Stats for May 26th of Early beginnings of Liu LLC
ON THIS DAY June 1st
Series #6 Release – Hourly Edition
sixteenthHour at the thirtieth
As the end of September approaches, we are now fully tracking the unknowable next actions of Amazon ERC through hour by hour reports. And the last report of this newest edition under the franchise of “On This Day” was the eighth hour report edition.

From the Eighth hour – Important notice: We are behind on site design. We are still working on the new page on behalf of AWS Support for retaliating against me on my customer AWS account. So, that is to say, should anyone at all trust AWS as a service, if their Amazon Legal team can just do whatever the F**** they want to their customers and charge whatever the F*** and stop whatever the F*** service? Because that’s what they did in April. You are such a pathetic joke, Amazon Leaders. F*** AWS

Wow Amazon Legal, this is just a mess of cross departmental disasters that are just piling up right now. You also just ruined the image of your support at AWS.

And we always think about the outside corporate executive class of Liu Academy, from students like you, thank you for your readership
I'm an image
I'm an image
So as a treat of the success of Amazon Liu Press, we offer a showing of the most recent polling from the outside, random point of privilege corporate wider audience Ft. Commentary by our return from being under audit investigations, CEO Ziping Liu, he who is bringing the profane back to reality,

Given the very concerning email received from ERC on the 28th of Sep, ongoing continuo-sly since May. ERC has stated they were bringing a specialist to resolve our concerns numerous times with no results, we are bringing our own so you can go ahead and thank Amazon Legal for commissioning these artworks.
Dearest Spotify,

You may redeem yourself from your false prophecies by giving Ziping Liu a free full year subscription to your premium level of service options. Does your CEO even know how to read sheet music?
A SIU joint venture with Amazon Liu Press, Corporation LLC 2022 special feature

I need to see a corrective response today from Amazon ERC today, failure to reply and respond with a corrective response immediately will result in the MIT Dean,

Huttenlocher’s complete fall in grace by my writings alone. You are a dean of MIT, not a dean of some trailer-park public State school in the deep south like the University of Texas, you are expected to be at the caliber of your prestige regarded by MIT standards.

I cannot believe you would write down and admit to right now, admission to the ongoing crimes aggressed against me. Right now it’s, the updates of the eighth hour passover of this Sep, Selipsky the 29th. Year is defined later below

That said of Hutten, at least he is no where near as completely off the mark and track to a point of non-function such as Secreatry of Labor and one State Attorney General so far

A Special Founder’s Edition Re-Release Four Finalization, Addendum
From: Dr. Ziping Liu <compliance@myamazon.legal>
Date: Wed, Oct 19, 2022 at 3:27 PM
Subject: #5/6 Remembering Ziping Liu aka Ian Gibbons – A Three Piece Special Ft. Amazon DLS | Intermission and new release of latest state of correspondence and talks between Liu Liu and Amazon LLC
To: Bob Ferguson the fucking retard that sent me the same thing that Marty Walsh sent me.

The Secretary of Labor at a Federal Level and a State Level Attorney General send me the same letter, which is quite a telling sign, despite the fact that both you two fuckheads hold different power of positions and perform different functions. That is why all of your fucking letters are nonsense.

You just copy and paste each other’s non-responses and then use them. Give me a real response or you get fucked over as a non-performing or able attorney general. BY my writing of legal power alone.

In addition, since you seem to lack motivation to respond to requests as a person of your title should, and because you seem to believe that the concerns I sent you are below your level of existence or reality to even consider, I will simply assume your title and use it to obtain what I need, while you can still spend the rest of your days sitting in your office and sending letters of non-response.

Our government is run by the people and is for the people… and it’s not run by the “feds”, but by the people of America – especially one’s like me who have a U.S. Citizenship – or did you not realize that at all and assumed I don’t hold any Citizenship rights in the US given my name? Not not because you didn’t know I was US Citizen but simply because you assume i’m still a non-American given my foreign name and given your very dismissive and tonality of some form of elitism shown?

Outstanding, bully for you! I really don’t give a damn if you think I’m this or that you can do whatever fuck you want I got shit to resolve. Therefore, if the government cannot get my issue resolved, I will simply step in and do it myself. I am capable of doing so, and if you are not, then great, we now have a replacement who needs to be replaced.

As part of reality checking, certain VIP Readers get their own personalized personal letter format version of generalized releases of press. All special editiion releases are considred personal letters to the audience addressed in the literature or language discernabile either via specifics or context clues, and may not be reproduced or read as anything other than a work of literature intended as a personalized private art piece for an intended reader unless stated otherwise explicitly by Liu LLC.

A Special Founder’s Edition Re-Release Four Finalization, Addendum

I have something that is so much more than the deep pockets of these Amazon attorneys of now a very bleak next phase.


I have my pencil and it’s about to turn into a pen.

Your recent Tweet has 32, 430 views.

See your Tweet

Mr. Ziping Liu
Hey @AmazonHelp @ajassy @aselipsky why are you still claiming that retaliating against an employee as well as committing false motions of terminations during an employees FMLA is valid and standard operating procedure at Amazon? Do not state I’m terminated again. Last warning

Oh and hey Spotify? You guys are so dead. I’m going to rain down so much towards all of your constituents.

I’m just joking around with y’all. What do you think I am? Some evil entity such as Amazon Legal?   And of course this is no longer the case due to the fact that you spotify fucktards decided to attempt some sort of covert injection of further regressed ideas against Ziping’s image through pretend social media posts, as seen here

I think I must reiterate that just because I am upset at Amazon Legal and their Chief officers and Board of Directors, doesn’t mean I hate everything in the world.

Yes, I know, I’m able to write in a very profane, and extremely world shattering way yet fully controlled to a precision that is equally as world breaking as if I’m able to form words not from letters, but from the twists and turns, and paths and ridges that form the letters themselves. =

It’s very profane in truth and brain shattering of the attorney minds that regard their current and out-dated legal technicalities in logic as what they see as their permanent axiomatic truths. F*** pathetic and a testimony of how behind the world of law education institutions are in to say bluntly: thinking.

I’m just joking with y’all. I’m not upset at you guys, Spotify weirdos.


Do you actually think of me as just very hateful, and spiteful of everyone


Look at how patient I have been with Amazon Legal and Andy sassy.

I’ve actually been extremely patient and understanding with them.

But the reality is, at some point, it becomes a bit too much and requires a reality check.

But the reality is, at some point, it becomes a bit too much and requires a reality check.

Y’all are just the comic relief. Or else it would be way too much of a complete psychological wreckage for Amazon associates to handle.
And a very Nice Twitter news letter! Sorry about not updating the stats for the end of September yet. I’ll get on that soon. I just have so many choices right now to choose from, to report over. Imagine suddenly having the most terrific find at a prospecting site that just is now filled with so much gold it’s been simply me figuring out which part of the site to bring in the profane in truth, for. Because, right now, Amazon ERC with its non-action, response, and non-responses, has completely done a 360 degree cycle of now beginning to do the exact same thing it did in June. Which is, stating the most insane below.

As if, asking for my verification at this point will even result in any action. Because, there’s been over 100 emails of ERC sending this same email, and then never responding or not at all resolving any concerns, all while Andy Jassy has read every single email and done nothing about. The SERIES 4.5 is a special development that will be completely not for those with sensitivity to having their entire world broken into pieces in front of them byway of shattering pieces of logic that breaks down these attorneys of Amazon’s very mind. Not because I am the one that is doing the breakdown of their sanity, it’s because I write ideas that they regarded as not possible their entire lives and not only that, I then showcase exactly why they no longer have any credibility given how clear it is they are insane. I have warned Amazon Legal so many times that when it comes to a point where I reach a stage in my research, there will be no route possible for redemption for their paths forward.

Not because I am the one that wants to have them fall in grace, but because there is a point where you begin to no longer be seen as trustworthy. And as simple a sentence as that, losing trust is a real thing and when you lose trust you become an outcast . That’s also the intention of retaliation, to place someone as an out-case. You now should understand why the motives exist.

It was either them, certain Leaders of Amazon Corporate hiding behind an entity of a corporation to front retaliation moves, or Ziping Liu, the current employee at Amazon and a person not an entity.

And now AFTER 4.5 is RELEASED SOME POINT TODAY, unfortunately it’s them regardless of court motions.

Author’s Note


Just because y’all went to fancy schools with the IVY and the super high ranking status doesn’t mean you get to bully some trailer park trash from a public state school, IN THE DEEP SOUTH OF TEXAS OUT OF ALL PLACES. We don’t even have roads in Texas, we just ride horses everywhere.


– From Memoirs of CEO Ziping Liu, now part of an archival memorial facilitated by the new Research In Motion’s Resarch and Literature Publishing Journal: Bezos Academy.

Can you please review, MIT Dean with PhD credentials, the well known scientific non-mythology and non-theology of methodology you are suppose to be able to understand, and more importantly be able to utilize, thereby requiring you to actually perceive reality without false allusions or assumptions or ignorance. That is to say, Mr. Huttenlocher, you are not at all sounding off actions of resolving my concerns as a Board Member of this company of retaliators that is Amazon.com and yet there has been very cased evidence in writing and thereby it is not at all an allegation at this point to state that Amazon Legal has violated Federal Acts against me, with Andy Jassy and Adam Selipsky watching since April and simply turning a blind eye.


    1. Ask a Question, e.g. Does the moon revolve around the Earth or the Sun?
    2. Background Research
    3. Hypothesis
    4. Experiment
    5. Analyze Data and Make Conclusions
    6. Communicate, e.g. 肏你媽安迪
Which stage of 科学推销法分六部分的小说 do you think I am at, right now, Mr. Huttenlocher?
I am not at the Hypothesis and Experimentation stage, that’s for sure.

And right now I am not sure if you even have ability in showcasing any form of scientific methodology at your stated Doctor of Philosophy level given the actions of Amazon Legal ongoing.

I’m pretty sure…

A PhD would have the ability to understand my concerns of corporate retaliation at this point and not at all allow motions in writing, sent by Amazon the Company, as very concerning writings in delusions and false perception of reality with regards to the concern, and now with writings from the Sep 23rd, concretely evidenced in writing from Amazon, the Company, as “the inconvenience.”

Trust me, I would understand exactly how observant and analytical a PhD should be, both my parents are PhD’s albeit in a field regarded as a children’s pastime: Chemistry.

As much as Chemistry is a children’s pastime, I must admit they were a pain in the ass to grow up with given that they communicate with me in a style of Chemistry centered research formality such as always using analogies from Chemistry to in their references of what is characterizable as normal day to day parent to child verbal communication to them and have since the year of my first birth.

As if I somehow have the same understanding of their highly regarded passions and lifelong career interests of a simple children’s pastime, and as if the moment I came out of my mother’s matrix I somehow could communicate with them as if I was a PhD Research Chemist like what they do for a living, in normal day to day verbal communications.

They got lucky with the kid they made
I could understand and surpassed, in an even more twist of luck given the genetics vested from their children’s pastime functional brains: their ability in analytical research and observation cognitively by the age of 5; which resulted in jealousy from my parents of always being corrected by me and always being out argued logically when I asked them to buy me a new toy and later on a new car when I crashed the one they bought for me as facilitated by the technicalities and logically cased lemmas I used that outpaced theirs,
In which also fueled and still fuels my return backhand of their jealousy
…By observing and stating Chemistry as a children’s past time as much as I can within their earshot and that of their co-workers on the very lucky and rare occasions, e.g. such as,

“you know you guys have it easy, I would kill for a career that doesn’t require more thought than literally adding one more letter to a word to justify a brand new product that’s patentable and then marketable as the new generation of a product line for the next ten years. Man well I sure as h** feel like Ian Gibbons right now, Amazon Sent me Six laptops and now I’m just waiting for their Legal team to send in law enforcement to take them away. But why would they? I am still employed at Amazon and Amazon Legal no longer exists.”
At least these so-called research level parents that apparently work for some world-class chemical company of “adding more letters to a word to justify a new polymer fabrication process” have the cognitive processes embed in their brains to understand that there is no such thing as regarding something as logically cased in truth by way of axioms derived from nature as something to pretend to not understand or see as something that doesn’t exist.
That this Dean, Mr. Holmes, no I meant Mr. Anderson, no sorry, I meant to say this cow-eyed Dean Mr. Huttenlocher, and from its actions ongoing as evidenced by its ERC delivery of a message, showcases of an ability more resemblant of an organism not much different than a recursive destructive agent such as a virus.

Given the lack of any resemblance of its counterparts such as the very children’s past time field researching of adding more letters to a word as if a preschooler learning the alphabet for the first time PhD’s that somehow gave birth to me and can somehow claim to be my parents. The f
🤬 is this genetic and biological logic of human species in off-spring generation, and I am not even the more reductive and primitive homo-sapiens, I am a neanderthals?

So why are you, Mr. Huttenlocher, seemingly so lost right now still ignoring reality as if, I am still at a point of a hypothesis stage involving experimentation in this ongoing project that is analyzing the ongoing corporate retaliation by Amazon Legal?

I would hope that a PhD, especially of the MIT Multi-plexed-Variety, would understand how to perform research and know the core necessary progressions that are required and phased through by heart. I would not have guessed a Dean of MIT would be so clueless right now as to still regard the research ongoing as in a world of hypothesis and theoretical abstractions in the midst the actual stage of the research at this point. Which is to state bluntly in another way: blatantly showcase a non-ability in having any ability to in observing the world through analytical methodologies given a complete lack of ability in understanding a basic research project in a field also regarded as a children’s past-time: law, as blatantly proven by how f

🤬ING stupid Amazon Legal has showcased in its ability as so-called “JD” level thinkers, given they are not even at a level of someone that has no law degree in terms of legal understanding. Don’t worry Harvard Law and Yale Law or whatever dub UW – YAW Ain’t even a T7 Law school, the only law schools that can produce the level of idiocy that is the AB Andy Jassy Led in-house legal team of Amazon.com, right now. Idk why I have to write about you, but I do given Zapolsky is an active faculty member, FML, such is life),

I will be writing a complete series of my destruction of the field of law as showcased by legal institutions of educational sectors later this week, Mr. AB Anderson, Andy.

Amazon HR Leaders and VPs and CEOs and CFOs at the Control Tower, are you going to send wages, and action the rest of my concerns without still being weird, silent, and creepy?

And since your officers are completely out of touch with reality, it’s now the 16th hour of the 30th of Selipsky Edition of On This Day.

As if the state of the project encompasses something that is in a state of ambiguity in reality? Would your peers at MIT regard reality as clueless and un-sound as your right now Mr. Huttenlocher? Is MIT then an institution for the unsounded in mind? I understand that as a Dean you also should know how to run an organization in good standing. Your college is the size and complexity of an organization, in case you forgot what an organization encompasses and that is to say your college should consist of discrete units of departments classifiable byway of function, should it not?


I'm an image
Figure A – Jeff Bezos hosts a seminar at the 2022 FTC Annual Colloquium for Distinguished Founders.
If interested on learning more click here.
There’s a lot more than what is showcased right now, even though what has been showcased in writing and evidence right now ongoing, in view to the public is definitively at this point in time now past, corporate retaliation. There is so much more that I cannot divulge. It is not something to talk about publicly. I am not at all without ability as such that of Amazon Legal, in knowing that certain things cannot be talked about since talking about it would simply be a form of gossip and not at all help resolve concerns since what has already been released and reported is what is required for anybody at this point to understand what the concern is. Hence, here’s a hint, there’s a reason why Amazon ERC keeps asking me what the concern is. They want me to state everything, they want me to simply become Ian Gibbons such that once they get everything they need out of me they can then move forward to control me. The problem with that is, Amazon ERC has more than enough information to understand my concern, so I am not at all buying this BULLS** right now from Amazon ERC still failing to resolve my concerns. What happened during April that simply is insanity although you, the public have gotten a showing of such in much to my surprise, albeit in a far less severe form. Imagine what you read from these Amazon leaders in response to my right now, but delivered through actual conversation that at surface level seems like normal day to day conversation. Now imagine me doing what I am doing now, to them in person. Okay so you would understand what happened in April is even far more of a complex timeframe of corporate retaliation wrapped within much more advanced tactics of dark psychology. This, this is basic level manipulation by Corporate right now but they actually were not bad as psychological tacticians. But their legal team got their a** kicked regardless.
So, why is retaliation still ongoing now through adverse actions of non-actions in resolutions of concerns regarding corporate retaliation from a multi-department level at Amazon; as of past the 16th hour of September now 30th? Look at your work below, as a PhD, Huttenlocher, Board Director Member and part of the Career Dev COmittee at Amazon…

On Wed, Sep 28, 2022, at 9:05 AM Amazon ERC <ercATcaseservices.panorama.hr.a2z.com> wrote

Hello Ziping,

Greetings ! I regret for any inconvenience. [ Ziping’s Note to Amazon Legal: Your ERC team has already defined and classified the inconvenience as “the inconvenience” for you to not understand if there is inconvenience involved at this point, to say the least, is a blatant lie and a form of retaliation]
I can understand your pay concern and we really would like to help you if we get the correct pay dates.

As per our records, I see that your status is terminated effective 5/7/2022 and the attachment you have provided is for September and the year is not clear 🤡🤡🤡 could you please confirm the affected dates so that we can check in our records and assist you further .

Placing the case in pending for now.


From: [ethics@ziping.org]
Sent: 9/25/2022 1:51 AM
To: ajassyATamazon.com; legalATethics.ny.gov; reception@ethics.state.tx.us; erc@caseservices.panorama.hr.a2z.com; us-vp-payrollATamazon.com
Subject: Re: Warning B: Addendum: ERC India is 11 PM Off hours I currently - US ERC Please Take over CASEID: 53636761 - Wages Required Immediately - Press Release

I sent you an invoice get that paid

On Sat, Sep 24, 2022 at 9:25 AM Amazon ERC <erc@caseservices.panorama.hr.a2z.com> wrote:

Hello Ziping,

Hope you are doing good.

Request you to please confirm the exact pay date and which is the paycheck date you are missing, upon confirmation we will assist.

Keeping this in pending.



Which, the email sent by ERC on Sep 28th, is not much different than messages as seen since previously sent in August and also not responded to after I replied to their question about wage dates and/or what wages of what reasonings. The special note for the August rendition of the ERC Email Chain of non-resolutions is that I also then brought in LINA KHAN given Amazon Legal’s advice to Jeff to state: “EGREGIOUS” filings yet what exactly are able to ascertain as egregious if this filing of my FMLA and Health and LIFE is what your Legal team has action as in-attempt of murder ongoing?

Elizebeth Jeff Bezo holmes at lab
Do not at all tell me or show me or form me into what you want me to Become. Do not at all look at me in such a way as if this showcasing of your chemistry lab at your workplace is suitable for me. That’s weird and creepy. Don’t make me say something within earshot of your coworkers.
NO, as said but now stated in a new form beyond analogies of Christopher Wray and Epstein:

I will not major in Chemical Engineering, it still has the word Chem and thereby still is Chemistry, a children’s pastime.

Absolutely not! I will not major in Computer Science, it still has the word science in it which Chemistry is a fundamental science, and natural aspect of all fields containing the word “science.” I see what you are trying to still do.

    2. And that is why Ziping Liu majored in Asian Studies. He dropped out his studies for his Bachelor’s of Science his first year. He has never had a BS degree. And it turns out, unlike how Andy Jassy portrays the field of Liberal Arts, of the AB variety especially, it does not mean that studying the Liberal Arts as a field makes you the most stupid and insane in ability of cognitive processes, as evidenced by Andy ongoing of the Harvard Liberal Arts credential of the AB form now regarded as: A.G., or God Andy, and his beloved Adam Selipsky, first Adam of Amazon.

Haven’t you read, but as re-emphasis to help aid cognitive dissonance showcased by Adam Selipsky

    1. This Amazon Legal also wanted me to die like Ian, via adverse motions such as sending Law Security to my residence, not once, but twice as intimation tactic within the types of tactics found in corporate retaliation, being classified type-wise as part of on-going Research in Motion by Liu Academy with the CIA getting first read access. Because, I am an agent at the CIA.
      1. The result of the scare tactics was then me sending death threats to Christopher Wray.
    2. Moreover, instead of my corporate laptop, being retrieved by Amazon Legal illegal to “control what happens.” Not JUST giveN due to reasons that I am still employed at Amazon currently, BUT BECAUSE:
      1. I not only able to login to my work account, but I can login to my work account on not one work device, but a plethora of devices to my choosing encompassed by a dimension of six corporate computers provisioned by Amazon Client Engineering, the saddest engineering team on the planet right now.
      2. Why is my work email not working yet? Get it working you f**** idiots, and get erc’s email systems working to. holy f***
    3. But such dimension is not at all finite future present, I can also buy as many laptops and/or desktops as I wish and create more work devices via my expertise in Enterprise IT and/or Firmware engineering. But as re-emphasis: I am in possession of six officially provisioned work computers by Amazon IT and have no need to change such dimensionality since I am 1 person, not six, at any 3-Dimensional space in our 4-D perceptible world that, Mr. Huttenlocher should be able to showcase in ability of observing.
    4. Hence I am not the Ian Gibbons you wish me to become, Mr. Andy Jassy, Mr. Adam Selipsky of the ongoing evidenced cognitive dissonance, and Mr. Huttenlocher.
    5. And hence, this is why Mr. Spotify, in your false assumption of my form, I now will only use Apple Music. I will also not at all pay my spotify bill, as if, tampering with HIPPA COMPLIANCE required documents is absolutely an allowed policy at Amazon, and yet such Company has signed writings by Andy Jassy that it is striving to be Earth’s best employer
    6. And on their rogue press organizational site, claims to adhere to Disability rights of employees?

So given that this Amazon Corporate leadership has failed repeatedly and probably lacks ability in resolving concerns of mine, as mentioned in other emails, I have submitted a grievance support ticket for an outside organization to handle such concerns since Adam Selipsky is at this point, not at all sane and Andy Jassy definitely does not have what is regarded as an A.B. level of cognitive ability so Harvard? You have a degree to revoke or else does this mean you regard Andy as worthy of your prestige?

However, unlike last time’s support request in June,

This time I am submitting through the Amazon Benefits Portal of its partner – Resources for Living of Aetna

To escalate the issues ongoing with my concern resolutions. Since, I’ve been emailing Andy Jassy since May and he’s sent me this email on Sep 28th, 4 months before the day and month of my birth, and it’s pretty sad and concerning. I am not at all accepting the performance level of this corporate leadership group at this point, so Huttenlocher? Maybe be the PhD you were meant to see into actions.

But of course I expect Aetna SIU to take the helm and see to this very easy investigation to the end. Or else?

You will be part of the crime Aetna. Endangering a person’s life during FMLA by an employer is a serious matter, and I would think a health insurance company would take such matters seriously,

Or else why are you at all an operating insurance company of health in any way?
Because if you don’t act on my concerns, I’m going to join these webinars and ask for my concerns on the webinar chat and/or open floor discussion. I am already joining for Oct 4th, and will be more than happy to speak as a guest speaker on The mental health research with metrics and psychology tips on how to get through workplace retaliation. It’s more than reasonable, I am shining a light on workplace stress and how to manage its psychological consequences, albeit the workplace stress level in context is at an extreme end.
I invited myself as a guest speaker. I have created an official addendum to the official calendar.

Aetna, add me onto the list. Seriously, are you truly a health insurance provider? Because, this stress relief topic is something I have an extreme level of experience in, on-going.
Author’s Special Note Founder’s Edition – October 19th: Wow, aboslutely not Aetna. What the heck are you trying to do? Oh so I sent out this iemail on Sep 28th, and suddenly all the Amazon Benefits executives got scared and din’t want to at all have me talk about overcoming work stress through positive psychology? So what did you do Insurance Accounting of Aetna? You decided to listen to the Amazon Benefits executives and not have me speak at all, because what happened instead? Out of all the non-action so far from ERC Amazon Legal after reading emails, what is the one thing that happened? You decided to not have me speak at all and so you decided to illegaly turn off my health insurance again Aetna. What the fuck is wrong with your accounts and billing team? Aetna SIU, go get this shit resolved, just arrest them. If the FBI tries to stop you at thsi point, just arrest teh FBI as well.
On Thu, Sep 22, 2022 at 2:19 PM Resources for Living < emailtosalesforce@xbyp8z1xgvy8.36-b5qseaq.na81.bnc.salesforce.com> wrote:

Watch and register for the latest webinars

Join live webinars on topics such as communication, stress, self-improvement and more. You can also view webinars on demand from our webinar library.

Log in to your member website and click on “Sign up for a webinar” under “Today I want to:” or go to Tools > Webinars > Upcoming webinars to register today.

Brought to you by: Resources for Living

First Webinar on October 4th!

Think yourself healthy, with guest Speaker and Member of Aetna, Ziping Liu’s psychology and wellness tips centered on work life harmony

“Getting through unhealthy emotions and stress during corporate retaliation from Amazon Legal”

Aetna? If you don’t let me on as a guest speaker we will have very serious problems. Your Kevin Exum, does he need a website?

This information was brought to you by Resources For Living.

© 2022 Resources For Living
942860-01-01-RFL (9/22)

Hey, DOLGOV? Why are you telling me that you are shining a light on forced LABOR? What is happening right now right in front of you that you seem so eager to ignore? YOU have not done sh*t. Your secretary is the biggest f** joke of all leaders involved with corporate retaliation against me right now. You haven’t done anything. You have not done any type of resolutions of light at all with regard to my case of FMLA Violations and Violations of the Fair Labor Act. Moreover, you haven’t done anything at all with regards to the Forced Labor Act. And you use some kid in what looks like Africa, and showcase that as your example of labor issues.

You need to understand that there are plenty of labor issues right now in America, THIS USA? So why the f*** do you think it’s proper to use some kid in Africa, when you are turning a blind eye and cold shoulder to a kid in the US being completely murdered by Amazon Legal right now, slowly, given violations of medical rights mine?

THIS is how out of touch with reality you are Marty Walsh. Don’t use a kid in AFRICA next time you want to portray a photo of labor issues. You can just use a picture of me. I ‘m serious. YOU can go freak yourself DOL. In Fact you can use the photo of me getting procedures and surgeries done as defined by the FDA.
On Thu, Sep 29, 2022 at 10:18 AM United States Department of Labor <subscriptions@subscriptions.dol.gov> sent:

Official Poster Child of the U.S. Department of Labor: an outdated imagery of a child’s poverty in Africa as means to justify current labor issues and the US as non-issues, or in other words: “Look at the type of forced-labor kids are involved with in Africa like how the song made by black people in the US talk describes Africa as some shit hole to come together as one with, you should be grateful that forced labor only begans at 18 in the US.” In case the translation is lost through writing, I’m being sarcastic. This is utterly racist, degrading, and no different than the kind of racist cartoons used in the sixties to depict tribalistic, backwards, cannabals on corporate ads. The fuck does some black boy sitting on a hill of cotton have to fucking do with the current employment environment of the US? And what’s even more fucking pathethic is that the very black people that grow up pampered in the US think that they did enough, through then making some bullshit feel-good song to somehow raise awareness of exactly what you see above, a degrading view of an entire continent as subhuman. I’ve grown up knowing how there’s Africans and how there’s Black Americans and it’s just so fucking disguting when racist imagery like this that paints a group of people as backwards and still enslaved, is fine, when it comes to talking about Africans. Because it’s totally cool and alright to just say without thought: ‘don’t waste your food kids in africa are starving’. And so of course, what this does is no different, in that it just simply shows: ‘hey don’t waste your time complaining about how job, look at the kind of jobs they have in africa – they are forced to sit on contton fields all day.’ Have you fucktards in the DOL every visited Africa? Using imagery of Africa’s poverty as a way to showcase America’s own as part of some higher class and without poverty is absolutely unjustifiably wrong in almost every kind of way. I see this photo ad and I’m reminded of the kind of propoganda that NOrth Korea provides its citizens in which has made its citizens believe America as some anarchy ridden society of much decay and poverty and thus regards North Korea in jealosy, awe, and hence ambitions in stealing her wealth. Departmetn of Labor? Why are you so intereted in Africa? I have sat down with you for over a year now explaining to you very evidenced issues within the Unitied States’ very own labor sector and yet you send this bullshit letter and then pretend that what Amazon has done is absolutely A-OK. I’m not talking about anything complicated, simply the matter in which, Amazon deleting my approved FMLA leave is A-OKAY to you, the DOL.

September 29, 2022

Shining a light on forced labor and child labor around the world

To help combat labor exploitation, we released updated tools and reports this week containing actionable data and recommendations.

View our new reports on labor exploitation

Because of @POTUS’s leadership, more Americans are working than at any point in American history, manufacturing is booming, and gas prices have declined for 14 straight weeks.

LIU LLC Is not at all happy with the DOLGOV of complicit Federal Act violators by association to Amazon DLS right now…, given the Federal Department of Labor is absolutely complicit with its on Federal Acts being violated yet sends out these false ads of propaganda. This is pathetic, Secretary Marty Walsh, almost as pathetic as the State.gov right now.

This is email is not an advertisement, as mistakenly stated by Amazon ERC in August from a different email sent out.

This is a work of art in which, Amazon Legal is the commissioner of that has pressing concerns for ERC to resolve, unresolved since April.

If you have issues with this email, go talk to them not me.

Better yet, also go talk to the DOL.GOV. Because as of right now, I own all trademarks from the Federal Assets of DOL.GOV. I’m a US Citizen. That’s my right. Go talk to their Secretary if you have issues with these emails, not me, and/or if you are requiring payments. Go ask for Marty Walsh to pay any, if at all reasonable to ask at this point, amounts owed from Ziping Liu. I own his whole salary.

This email was sent to {EmailAddress} using GovDelivery Communications Cloud on behalf of: United States Department of Labor · 200 Constitution Ave NW · Washington, DC 20210 · 1-866-4-USA-DOL (1-866-487-2365)
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The rest of the contents of Series #6 has been truncated. You can view it by searching for it in your inbox, for the subject matter

Re: On This Day Series #6 – Amazon ERC Response Required | Special Hourly Updates with SIU Edition – Eighth Hour of Selipsky 29th

For convenience such that Amazon ERC and Corporate and Counsel of Amazon do not showcase as having any ability in the theory of mind, pay the invoice by clicking on the “Big Orange Button” right below, Amazon VPs and higher, the big button right below, no not the blue button above, click the big orange button. Are you guys like just completely off the rails at this point? DEA.GOV? I need you to drug screen soon.
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