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#5/6 Remembering Ziping Liu aka Ian Gibbons – A Three Piece Special Ft. Amazon DLS | Intermission and new release of latest state of correspondence and talks between Liu Liu and Amazon LLC

Author's note: We don't want to overburden the press with too many reports. For now we are going on intermission and therefore as a latest reality update this is the most current email now sent to ERC AMZON LEGAL ANDY JASSY ET AL.

We don’t want to overburden the press with too many reports. For now we are going on intermission and therefore as a latest reality update this is the most current email now sent to ERC AMZON LEGAL ANDY JASSY ET AL.

There’s going to be less jokes. They take some more effort to write than these reports on ERC and Jeff Bezos Egregious mentalities. You can pay me in love and support and I will write more jokes. Until then I will be pretty dull. I’m not sure why Amazon Corporate motioned executions of writing for the past 180 days to allow for our LIU LLC phases to get to phase 4 wherein it is simply a showcasing of idiocy by leaders of Amazon that is so egregious that it makes our LIU LLC reports look like we are try to defame or attack such leaders. We are in no way in any types of motions of a thing related to that type of action or event. We have motioned through 3 phases now, since May: a progression of communication severity levels that has risen to this point. If you believe we are being a bit egregious ourselves with the types of literature released at this point, just know, I was fully trying to resolve the issue in May and still fully confidential within the corporate union retaliatory tribe within Amazon via only communication to them by my emails. In May however they locked me out of my work email accounts so I was emailing them via my gmail.

They never responded and instead of responding to me by email in May even though I sent them countless emails and just to Amazon email addresses… These wicked and malicious corporate leaders of this retaliatory union not only did not respond to my emails at all, they sent FBI agents to my house twice as a form of communicating with me HR policies of Amazon. By doing such an act, Amazon Legal broke unspoken rules of engagement between two parties involved in underground motions of business transactions and completely lost. Simply because, when two parties are in engaged in an activity where at least one party is executing actions without lawful standing, said party cannot then use a law enforcing entity to also action unlawful motives as a further move of attempting to achieve advantage in the activity against the other party. Amazon Corporate VPs and higher aren’t even as honorable as a syndicate organization.

It was on that day, May 20th, 2022, in which they did that (the second time) which was a move that shot them in the foot and given that move they lost. And yet, they decided to not only exhaust now for 180 days but also still pretend the problem doesn’t exist. This is truly a group of corporate executives that absolutely have no spine to any form of transaction in reality between professionals whether it be a lawless crime organization or a corporation. They are simply cavemen that are pretty much without ability of theory of mind.

That is why at this point, this is the idiocy of them Amazon sitting in a forest fire that started from a small tiny spark which I said, look you gotta put that out! And not only did they tell me no they also added gasoline and fanned the flames while just standing and watching like cavemen that discovered fire for the first time.

I’m making progress on my end ERC Amazon. I have been scoring higher on ability to write more for a targeted audience that is at the level of reading ability as that of a pre-schooler as evidenced in plain-view of Amazon Legal and Amazon ERC Associates, and of course leaders such be as Andy Jassy of AB Harvard varieties or the Founding ability of Jeff Bezos et al., due to not understanding the concerns for over 180 day of contact with LIU LLC. I do understand the difficulties in reading literature reports such that reading time may require at least 48 minutes or more, far greater than the max–ram-memory limited short term based by time in cognitive functions of the Average Amazon CEO brain of 2 minutes measured in shore-term-memory functions.

Estimated reading time: 26 minutes

Released and Transmitted By Jeff based Bezo Research <amazondls@jeffbezos.academy> Wed, Oct 19, 2022
To: <jeff@amazon.com>

Can you great folks now in organization as a criminal association, at Amazon Payroll seriously stop rejecting or reversing my withdrawals from the bank account ending in 6198 of Amazon Dev Center and Ziping Liu Employee?

  • We are going on an Intermission at LIU LLC to prepare for entry to phase 4. Thank you. You can track this email for now here as things will be slowing down at the press centre for new developments.
  • By default, given the academy of this Amazonian group of VP and Higher leaders egregiously not doing sh*t past the 180s, Bezos Academy is now an operational reporting agency of Liu Research In Motion NGO Think Tank. Wages paid and grievances resolved will return Bezos Academy back to Bezos.

You, AMAZON LEGAL PAYROLL DLS have not paid wages. I have no idea how long you will take. I am just taking some pocket change out for now to get by okay? You have taken like over 180 days to figure out this issue. It’s been figured out, I figured it out, go get me paid. YOu don’t have to do any investigations at all anymore ERC or LEgal amazon. Just action the items, I’m FMLA leave and you guys retaliated so let’s go let’s go get grievances handled

Furthermore, I am currently preparing for phase 4 of my PhD program. A PhD advisor and 10 years of research experience in any field are required. As a matter of fact, I am currently working on my dissertation on Amazonian Savage Cult worship. Please provide one if possible and if you happen to be a PhD. If not I’ll just get my dad to sign off on it. The major setback with having to associate his PhD letters on the advisory committee of the dissertation to be presented later this month is the tragic reality that he has a PhD it is in a child pastime’s novelty field. I recall asking him why he chose to waste his life on such a study for a PhD. He replied, ‘because my teachers told me I’m pretty good at chemistry.’ Unfortunately I don’t regard that as something to try to be good at. Why does me adding, ‘egregious’ with ‘egregiously’ via determining that ‘ly’ is a good attachment to this new chain to be created into an entire new product line of English words factory making, for the next 20 years, imply I deserve a Nobel Peace Prize in literature? Then exactly you must know, the pain I feel in seeing adults play with letters like children who never understood syllabaries, let alone logograms of their own derivations. 

On Mon, Oct 17, 2022 at 11:39 PM Apple Card Support <no_reply@post.applecard.apple> wrote:
Apple Card Customer:
Ziping Liu
Your recent payment was unsuccessful.

Because your recent payment was unsuccessful, the payment that was applied to your account has been reversed. As always, Apple Card will not charge you a fee. However, the bank used to make a payment may charge a fee.

Payment Details
Payment Date:
Oct 15, 2022
Payment Amount:
Bank account ending in:

To avoid unsuccessful payments in the future, the bank account ending in 6198 has been removed as a payment method. You will not be charged a fee.

Get in touch with a Specialist. Available 24/7.

Apple Card is issued by Goldman Sachs Bank USA, Salt Lake City Branch.

Goldman Sachs Bank USA, Salt Lake City Branch, Lockbox 6112, P.O. Box 7247, Philadelphia, PA 19170-6112.

Payment Details
Payment date: Oct 15, 2022
Payment amount: $3,751.62
Bank account ending in: 6198

To avoid unsuccessful payments in the future, the bank account ending in 6198 has been removed as a payment method. You will not be charged a fee.


The following is a count of the current number of service convenience fees incurred when requesting identification. In light of the high demand for ID and/or inquiry-based correspondence we have received, as exemplified by the ERC email sent to LIU LLC, we will be requiring a service fee for all requests. As a courtesy of our good faith, we provided such correspondence free of charge. Please accept our sincere thanks for understanding. w/p>

ZIping LIu
• The first line of the home address we have on file for you: 109 Spanish Oak Circle
• Your birth month and day: Jan 28
On Tue, Oct 18, 2022 at 6:35 AM Amazon ERC <erc@caseservices.panorama.hr.a2z.com> wrote:
Danger! This message looks egregious.
(From: erc@caseservices.panorama.hr.a2z.com, External)


Thank you for contacting the ERC. I am happy to assist with this!

Before I am able to move forward, I will need to verify you for security.
Can you please provide me with the below information:

• Your first and last name:
• The first line of the home address we have on file for you:
• Your birth month and day:
Once I get this information back from you, I will be able to assist with your question.

Requesting you to please elaborate your query.

Once I get this information back from you, I will be able to assist with your question.
If you would prefer to verify security over the phone, please give the ERC a call at 888-892-7180 and reference Case ID: 56565124.
Thank you,
Sobiya Khanum
Employee Resource Center
ERC Phone: Toll Free 888-892-7180

————— Original Message —————
From: Amazon Egregious Security [youarechokingme@gmail.com]
Sent: 10/18/2022 6:12 AM
To: erc@caseservices.panorama.hr.a2z.com
Subject: Re: Reminder: Ziping, reintroduce yourself to your Aetna plan via Amazon Open Enrollment from October 15th Update
In addition, I would like to bring up for your consideration the issue of mishandled issues with my health insurance and wages, which have been based on very clear crimes that have been documented in already written and listed laws from the United States and China. Given the ongoing context in motion of corporate retaliation/blackmail, and
…extortion against an employee by a corporation, Amazon, I have also taken this highly once in a millennial opportunity to analyze and document this event through examinations and research reports because it is one of those very hard to study and understand social phenom where corporations motion out wave after wave of the most insane executions of crimes while having en entire “cult” like mentality in doing so given the employees within simply abide with law breaking and follow the instructions of law breaking from superiors without any ability to snap out of a sort of mind controlled hive mentality allowing for corporate wide blackmail towards a person without any reason other than because that is the interest of the business and not meeting expectations by the business means then you get fired and retaliated as well. 

I am grateful that at least two entities exist in the world today that demonstrate true craftsmanship in producing and delivering a secure email with alignments to security specifications. Obviously LIU LLC is one, and now so far, CCTLD.RU, one of our first corporate education student entities and also a partner for life. We appreciate your attention to the most precise forms of space age #REAGAN1984 implemented that not even Amazon’s entire corporation of #FANNG level developers could resolve with the issues seen from Amazon Legal’s email systems. THe majority of the battle has been through what is unseen and that is compensating for Amazon’s half setup email servers through adding on more structure and framing via LIU LLC Corporate Communication Systems. You guys know so much leet code though. WHy can’t you write an algorithm that can handle 1:1 aliasing of emails to ticket cases with auto merge features of related correspondences, developers of Amazon? Wow. 

REceipt of Audited Transmission of Notice to Amazon Legal by CCTLD.RU OTRS TICKET SYSTEMS

Created at: Mon, Oct 17, 2022 at 11:02 PM (Delivered after 2 seconds)
From: OTRS System <otrs@tickets.cctld.ru> Using OTRS Mail Service (5.0.20)
Subject: [TLD#32131203] RE: ERC CASEID: 53636761 US ERC Di […]
SPF: PASS with IP Learn more
DKIM: PASS with domain cctld 🇷🇺 Learn more
DMARC: PASS Learn more

В нашей автоматической системе была создана заявка за номером: 32131203В ближайшее время наш сотрудник ответит по интересующему Вас вопросу.

Ваше сообщение:

> In addition, I would like to bring up for your consideration the issue of
> mishandled issues with my health insurance and wages, which have been based
> on very clear crimes that have been documented in already written and
> listed laws from the United States and China. Given the ongoing context in
>motion of corporate retaliation/blackmail, and extortion against an….

АНО “Координационный центр национального домена сети Интернет”

127083, Москва, улица 8 Марта, дом 1 строение 12
тел. +7 (495) 730-29-71

Right, Amazon? This is such a great system you have created right? You guys Andy And ADAM? ust think you created the most advanced form of organizational control out of anyone? 

As a result of this practice, organizations and societies were founded during the early stages of human civilization, a practice that has been repeated throughout history. By using this form of organizational idiocy, you have actually regressed thousands of years and pushed human civilization back thousands of years. 

In the past, we were running around as tribes, achieving nothing, so today we have governments and institutions of all framed categories with impartial cohesion due to the balances of power and rights that are owed to each category. It’s not okay for Amazon’s leaders to continue to look the other way over and ignore this issue at this point, because you cannot just create a corporation that does what you want. You can’t do this if you are going to title yourself as “top companies” to work for in the world or the US.

Considering that Amazon LP defines your company’s mission statement as well as its ethics statement, it is impossible for you to continue exhausting this ongoing retaliation and corporatewide adverse action against me as stated in ERC and Andy’s written communications on October 16, with an admission of intention to do so. In reality, Jeff Bezos, you set very high standards of expectations for your company to adhere to, yet this is what you choose to showcase to the public? A retaliatory action against a single employee? Your LPs and stated notions of excellence borne out of your culture of “day 1 mentality” and humble beginnings with table desks seem to be more of a blatant form of trying to create the false narrative of a corporation in compliance, rather than actually having any form of operational excellence as mission of your corporation

Throughout this retaliation campaign against Ziping Liu, which has now been going on for over five months, Ziping Liu has shown excellent ethics and excellence in writing and action that is not only a testament to his excellence in standing, but also his compliance with the ethical standards that are at odds with what you stand for with your exhaustive ongoing exhaustion and cover-up of your crimes as demonstrated not just in opinion but through leadership motions and abilities that have been demonstrated both in writing and in actions. As far as I can see, this is a very tragic story: not only are you writing this culture out by your press and LP’s, who are publishing false narratives that attempt to portray Amazon as a phenomenal corporate culture, but you are retaliating against the employee who has actually upheld every aspect of your LPS and culture, and then some, as well.

Stop this idiocy and get wages and insurance resolved immediately. This is not at all something corporations get out of and expect to continue on like business as usual. You now have made ourselves into something that people don’t at all want to be a part of. Nobody is going to want to work with Amazon, this corporation that just simply keeps making the same mistakes over and over again even when told very clearly by the person in which the mistake is targeted. And that person well, he’s just not at all what is the norm  or predictable in form or function.

This matter will not be resolved by private attorneys or firms. It is expected that further exhaustion will be interpreted by all Corporate Vice Presidents and higher-ups of Amazon USA as retaliation and assault against Ziping Liu, regardless of the correspondence source, including ERC India Amazon, formerly known as Amazon’s Employee Retaliation Center.

    As part of Ziping Liu’s larger concern regarding this ongoing corporate retaliation campaign, are you corporate executives at Amazon USA actioning the simple action items of wages and insurance?

Polling Requirement of Amazon Assoc. given Idiocy Shown

Stop this corporate wide retaliatory idiocy Amazon, and get wages and insurance resolved immediately

This matter will not be resolved by private attorneys or firms. It is expected that further exhaustion will be interpreted by all Corporate Vice Presidents and higher-ups of Amazon USA as retaliation and assault against Ziping Liu, regardless of the correspondence source, including ERC India Amazon, formerly known as Amazon’s Employee Retaliation Center.
As part of Ziping Liu’s larger concern regarding this ongoing corporate retaliation campaign, are you corporate executives at Amazon USA actioning the simple action items of wages and insurance?

And yeah so I am wrapping up our phase 3 of investigations and we are moving on to phase 4 which will just be security related motions as we have a security team. We replaced the DOl.GOV. Our security team contracts out all security missions with underground and covert organizations. That’s all we can say.

I will also be releasing a full research paper on this entire study. This will be my PhD thesis. Who wants to be the Reader and also a committee of supervising advisors with at least 10 or more years exp in Scholarly or Research Work at, at least the level of a PhD Accreditation by education through an accrediting board equivalent to that which accredits MIT with PhD worthy Degrees but they are called something else, so no unfortunately you cannot be a faculty at MIT. We don’t trust weird ways of writing out PhDs. Look at what happened when Harvard decided to say, let’s call it a AB. They ended up creating Andy Jassy for our world that took it by heart and now is fully in a state of AB.

 Is it because sometimes corporations like Amazon commit the same felonies and execute the same adverse actions, as a now-template showcasing of crimes Amazon committed in May 2022, now repeated while the entire world watches? And then you have a corporation credibility  now at a negative level not to the public, but to the corporate counterparts of the world because everytime Andy Jassy or Jeff Bezos ever tweets or ever says a released message on film or written on a letterhead wil forever just be disregarded as communication sent from the most insanely egregious, malicious, and cold blooded person that simply doesn’t give a damn if they do things wrong and make mistakes, even if they make the same mistake one more time not as a mistake but simply on purpose to further attempt to achieve some sort of showcasing that reality is whatever they claim it to be and not at all the facts and events which occured actually. 

I’m pissed as hell and right now i don’t know what the fuck this is but you do know Amazon, you dont have to be criminals just because your leader up top tell you to be. You are actually required by law to take action to resolve issues and noncompliance if your leaders are unable to. If leaders are found to be acting suspiciously or out of compliance with regulations you then take steps to escalate and report them? 

Of course given the fact that Amazon Legal was so retaliatory dirven in May, AMazon corporation no longer has an Ethics Department or Special INvestigative Unit that deals with resolving security and compliance issues. This also is and would be what oversees the Amazon Security department? So you guys don’t have a regulating org that at all ensures that policies are run bylaws of organization as required by corporations incorporated in the Domestic USa> 

And THi is exactly what I told you guys in April that make you AMazon Legal retaliate against me.  The other ways I got retaliated against are all related and either just another form of stating the same concern or a derivative of the original concern since the concern I have is one that creates more concerns if left unresolved or unacknowledged.

And right now you have showcased to the whole world exactly why organizations need to have an impartial organizational body that holds these other functions of corporation together such that everything is scaffolded with framing and resilience against any sort of external disturbances or external distances to business goals???

On Mon, Oct 17, 2022 at 9:48 AM Dr. Ziping Liu <compliance@myamazon.legal> wrote:
Aetna SIU?

The insurance is still inactive from my side of affairs. Also amazon legal still isn’t and is refuting any wrongdoing. Great I’m glad you guys turned back on the Aetna Emails from your Insurance but you have to also make sure the insurance is activated as well. But great I’m glad to see some movement here thanks for the new email as a remidner to ‘learn more about Aetna now as a new member returning’ as suggested by your email subject. 

You now have all right to simply make arrests. I don’t know about you Aetna but you can’t just tell me “no” when I tell a corporation to stop breaking laws. Go work with BMW Genius and COmpliant Mckinsey. 

I really eed wages and insurance. Just go make arrests and stuff. The FBI obviously ran off so you are the FBI now Aetna. 

On Mon, Oct 17, 2022 at 8:36 AM Aetna <liuziping@gmail.com> wrote:

From: Aetna <ajassy@amazon.com>
Date: Mon, Oct 17, 2022 at 8:36 AM
Subject: Reminder: Ziping, reintroduce yourself to your Aetna plan
To: <ethics@ziping.org>

Trouble viewing this?Read this email online .

Woman in fulfillment center

Amazon and Aetna® — better together

Hand holding heart icon

Open Enrollment is October 5–19

Open Enrollment is a great time to review your Aetna plan. Plus, you can explore some of the features of your plan that you may have missed — including those highlighted below.

Learn more

Amazon and Aetna provides you with life as long as you follow our directives and are in line with interests of THE businessness above all other priorities. Our benefits are fully reasonable to use from injuries realized from capital or corporal punishments delivered from Amazon Security and HR due to poor performance expectations. We do believe in the importance of having another chance because sometimes it takes a few whips to the back of a typical Ziping esque employee to break his spirit into ours to mold.

Visit HingeHealth.com/amazon to learn more and join the program.

laptop with checkbox icon

Digital care for back and joint pain

Through the Aetna Back and Joint Care program, Hinge Health offers exercise therapy for chronic back, knee, hip, neck and shoulder pain.

No-cost care

Sometimes things just happen. Your kid develops flu symptoms after your doctor’s office has closed for the day. You step on a tack over the weekend. And when things happen unexpectedly, you want to be able to access care at a price you can afford. That’s why we’re offering a new perk to you and your covered family members: access to all covered MinuteClinic® services at no cost to you.*

To find a MinuteClinic near you, visit  >MinuteClinic.com.

Behavioral health support

Your plan includes both virtual and in-person behavioral health resources to help with challenges like grief and loss, stress, depression and anxiety, substance misuse, and more.

To learn more, call Resources for Living ® at 1‑833‑721‑2323 (TTY: 711) to speak with a Care Partner.

Aetna care management

If you have an upcoming hospital stay or a chronic condition, like diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma, an Aetna nurse can help you stay on track with your treatment plan and help coordinate your care.**

To learn more, call your Aetna Concierge at 1‑866‑574‑9124 (TTY: 711), option 2.

24/7 access to your benefits

Log in at Amazon.Aetna.com > Member login to view your benefits, manage claims, find a doctor or hospital, and much more.

Download the Aetna Health℠ app by texting GETAPP to 90156 for a link to download the app and create an account.*** Message and data rates may apply.

Was this update helpful?

No, unfortunately it does not at all seem helpful given that when I clicked on the given custom generatered login link for my Insurance it did not work. I guess it’s just an “AMAZON AND AETNA BETTER TOGETHER” type of culture to try to attempt murder on an employee by turning off his health insurance and wages while he is obtaining medical surgeries on his brain. Way to go Andy Jassy and Jeff Bezos. Jeff, I guess this was the calling you were chasing after your whole life huh, to kill a 27 year old kid?

Thumbs up

Applies only to covered services at MinuteClinic. Video Visits are not a covered service under this benefit. This information does not apply to members enrolled in a qualified high-deductible health plan; such members must meet their deductible. However, such services would be subject to negotiated contract rates. Once the deductible has been met, such members will be able to access MinuteClinic services at no cost-share. Visit MinuteClinic.com for age and service restrictions.

While only your doctor can diagnose, prescribe or give medical advice, the care management nurses can provide information on a variety of health topics.

It is the responsibility of Aetna Life Insurance Company or its affiliates to provide insurance and/or administration of these policies and plans. Both MinuteClinic, LLC and Aetna (both of which operate or provide certain management support services to MinuteClinic-branded walk-in clinics) are part of the CVS Health® organization. MinuteClinic locations are independent contractors, not agents of Aetna. Provider participation may change at any time without notice. Aetna’s health information programs provide general health information and should not be considered as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment by a healthcare professional. For more information about Aetna, please visit their website at Aetna.com.

ERC, look at what you just wrote to me below on Oct 16, three months after July 16th….

You are making me call the same Ethics Department that called the FBI on me twice? What teh fuck is wrong with you. This is so much psychological torment and abuse. You are so plain evil. I need a safe space from this Ethics Department at AMazon. They are the most evident aggressors of retaliation and a complete disguise of actual corporate thugs. Respect my boundaries ERC. Let’s not ever cross that line ever again.. YOu will never mention to me the Ethics “team or department” at Amazon. There’s no such thing as Ethics at Amazon, as we can clearly see right now. It’s as if you Andy Jassy are helping me with even further discoveries to repeat about on our press site because you guys just don’t stop with the new level of retaliation and idiocy .Can you confirm your email was sent? And what exactly did you confirm on your end? You need to be specific on what confirmations were concluded.

On Sun, Oct 16, 2022 at 8:04 AM Amazon ERC <erc@caseservices.panorama.hr.a2z.com> wrote
Danger! This message looks malicious.
(From: erc@caseservices.panorama.hr.a2z.com, External)
Potential Sender Forgery
The sender (Amazon ERC <erc@caseservices.panorama.hr.a2z.com>) may be trying to trick you into thinking this message is from a major brand, a known contact, or a coworker (Amazon.com).
Spam Content
This is most likely spam or unwanted junk email. Be careful with any attachments or links.

Hello Ziping,

Thank you for your patience

Upon review we find that you being correctly till the last date of your employment at amazon. 

If  you feel  you are being terminated unethically you can contact the  Ethics team:

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

As there is no further action required from the ERC team I’m resolving this case.


————— Original Message —————
From: Ziping Liu [ liu@ziiping.com]
Sent: 10/16/2022 7:46 AM
To: aws-hr-contact@caseservices.panorama.hr.a2z.com
We have a new development in resolutions as investigative experts at ERC have discovered a new understanding in the concerns at large. We are so close to uncovering this mystery. It’s just going to be a rapid pace of increasing amounts of emails because we just cannot lose this momentum of discovery by AMazon ERC and Legal.

On Sat, Jul 16, 2022 at 5:52 AM Panorama No Reply panorama-noreply@caseservices.panorama.hr.a2z.com> wrote:
Spam Content   Details
Hello Ziping,

Hope you are fine. Are you taking our retaliation fully and comprehensively? We do hope you don’t die away too fast, we want you to feel every motion of adverse action as your entire reality is to be ours to control over.

With so much email and irrelevant information I am unable to conclude your actual concern.

Kindly confirm the below information:
  • Your first and last name:
  • The first line of the home address we have on file for you:
  • Your birth month and day
And your specific concern in details to assist you further.

Amazon HR, but you who we are and you know that we have so much that we can do to you Ziping. Why even try to tell anyone abou this? They won’t care. We just want you to stop. And if you must be then covered up into death that is more than part of our alignment. What can you do to us Ziping? You have nothing and you are nothing compared to our great and honorable leaders Andy Jassy.


Andy Jassy Are we doing enough? No, you cannot not use Time Magazine now a corporate editorial magazine publishing company to pretend to say you want to. Action my wages we are not doing enough at all.

DOL GOV? You no longer exist in my reality. You are as good as none and never existed. Way to go. Wow. I’m going to need to have all your funding sent to me as grievances by the Federal Gov of US decade 2020 Edition. 
Pay the Invoice. Both of you DOL and Amazon ERC. You are the same thing to me at this point. Both very bad things that don’t do what you’re supposed to do. SHAME ON YOU.
I am just so upset right now at this Federal Government that thinks it has any right to call it’s self the U.S. Federal Gov right now given the idiocy from DOL and FBI. Holy sh* what have I been pay taxes for my whole life given the one time in my life I actually ahve to recieve some urgent support requreid to be addressed by this so-called Federal Gov I get responses of things like this

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