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#6/6 Remembering Ziping Liu aka Ian Gibbons – A Three Piece Special Ft. Amazon DLS | Relive the Moments that Started it All

Author's note: Despite the fact that investigations have progressed far past the beginning phases...As the audiences of this corporate student coerced attendance program has increased in size by 500% since August, it is vital to recall our intentions and goals in order to ensure that the desired outcome does not decay and die away to another form, another direction, and in the most unfortunate cases, us becoming the very thing we wished to oppose....

Despite the fact that investigations have progressed far past the beginning phases. What the LIU LLC enjoys doing is reliving the moments that sparked the current motions being implemented by the organization’s bylaws.

As the audiences of this corporate student coerced attendance program has increased in size by 500% since August, it is vital to recall our intentions and goals in order to ensure that the desired outcome does not decay and die away to another form, another direction, and in the most unfortunate cases, us becoming the very thing we wished to oppose.

Nevertheless, it’s cliche, but take a look at people like Andy Jassy, Jeff Bezos, and others every day. Look at them as if they were once children with a child-like wonder and love for reality that we are all gifted with without any intentional or unintenional biases from hate or evil or to harm or hurt because reality is simply such a wonder and the only thing on our minds was to simply understand what this wonderful existence is and what and how does it work? And in this child of wondering minds hungry to understand the world now placed in front of them, do you think they dreamed that one day they would regress into utilizations of reptilian instinct targeted against a 12-year-old boy with them at the elder ages of seventy?

Yes, I do not think so. As humans, we may slowly drift off course into the wretched forms so alien to us, but of our own making, especially when we lose sight of why we are here and why we do things the way we do in ignorance because we lose sight of why we are here and why we do what we do – and that is why having a feedback loop in review of ourselves is so crucial in not becoming a recursive decay of death’s end. Because at death’s end: that moment of clarity that we then realize we were the ones the entire time in denial of ever being wrong and being wrong for the most obvious reasons that we somehow let grow into simply wrong as fact and not opinion and we realize that we have awakened into a reality that was exactly what we had never wanted.

The Corporate Vice Presidents and Andy Jassy, in consequence, seem to be in denial about the necessity of kneeling down and looking into their inner child’s eyes, as they appear unwilling or unable to comprehend how necessary it is to do so. The inner child needs to know that they have completely abandoned their existence, that they have turned a blind eye to their origins and the feeling of only wonder, when first setting foot onto this world and reality.

In the end, what they have now is the mindless dronings of daily motions and executions of life, which can merely grow and grow like a tumor as they try to find their inner child, which they have forgotten for so long, and they discover it is no longer there.

Their reflection only shows them what they used to hold dear as a child in wonder yearning to understand more of the world, not at all what they once possessed. They have realized that they have become simply a cancer that is growing and that they have no purpose other than to grow and become bigger, as if they are a number on a high scores board, just as if they had no other purpose. And in their realization that they no longer possess such a feeling of purpose in life, they deny that they ever did and hence move forward in their motions to grow ever larger simply in size and not heart or wonder.

I write too much. Way too much. It’s just way too much to keep track of. holy moly
Yeah so below you can clearly see that there were
things being planned out for Ziping Liu at Amazon and
then suddenly you Legal idiots at Amazon decided to suddenly
feel a need to utilize an anonymous
ethics hotline messaging board
as form of blackmail and defamation against me.
Can you just tell me how stupid this has been? You have ruined my entire summer.
Wasted my entire Summer away.
Please pay me immediately. This is pathetic.

And this message below was originally sent on August 18th 2022. So far ERC has not resolved anything and Amazon VP USA is simply looking the other way as if that is something to at all do when there’s a problem at hand to be resolved? It’s pretty well known among the general public that corporations are not allowed to break laws and then try to play it off liked never happened at all. You have unfortunately done this in public viewing for 180 days and so obviously when you are dumb enough to do that you end up forming a habit of idiocy. You are now actually idiots. Congrats on blacklisting yourselves from the industry as any type of leader worth hiring.

On Fri, Apr 29, 2022 at 2:27 PM Accommodation Team <accommodationacc@dali-accommodation.services.hr.a2z.com> wrote:

Ziping Liu

Dear Ziping,

Why Am I Getting This?
You are getting this message because your accommodation request has been approved. The attached Job Accommodation Record (JAR) has important information about your accommodation. Please review it carefully to ensure all of the information is correct.

What Do I Need to Do?
Review the attached JAR document:
  • If everything looks accurate, simply return to work at your next scheduled shift.
  • If you have questions or don’t agree, please contact me right away so we can discuss your concerns.
What’s Next & When?
If everything looks good to you, then I will check in with you a little later to see how you’re doing.  If for some reason your accommodation is no longer working or your needs should change, please contact me immediately so I can help. I’m generally available Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM and able to return calls and emails within one business day.

It’s been a pleasure working with you on your accommodation.


Ryan Rodriguez
1-888-892-7180 Option 1 Ext.5048
Welcome to Work Wellness Coaching!
I’m Matthew Wilson, your assigned Work Wellness Coach. You have been approved to receive a Work Wellness Coaching accommodation from 04/29/2022 – 08/29/2022.  Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect.
What to expect?
We will meet weekly via scheduled Chime sessions. During these sessions, we will discuss strategies to help with work-related challenges that apply specifically to you. As you put these strategies to work, your feedback will be important to ensure recommendations are right for you.[1]
What do I need to do to get the most out of Work Wellness Coaching?
·       Attend all sessions and actively engage.
·       If you need to cancel or reschedule a meeting, contact me via email or chime as soon as possible. (No shows could result in cancelation from the program.)
·       Openly communicate your progress. If you feel you have reached the full potential of this benefit before the end date above, that’s fantastic! Because Work Wellness Coaching is voluntary, you can cancel at any time.
Need more Information? If you have any questions, please visit our team Wiki (on the Amazon network) or contact me at mthewwls@amazon.com
Matthew Wilson
[1] Work Wellness Coaching is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, treatment, or advice for any physical or mental conditions. If you believe you need assistance from a health care professional, our coaching team can provide you with external referrals based on your needs. Work Wellness Coaching is also not a performance enhancement or job searching service. Our goal is offer you accommodation tools that fit the needs of your current position.
Matthew Wilson | Work Wellness Coach
Disability & Leave Services (DLS)
Phone: 206-577-0685
Get HR Help: hrservices.amazon.com
LinkedIn Ziping Liu
Reference # 220815-008723
Auto-Response (08/15/2022 10:29 CST)
We are experiencing higher than normal support volumes. Please allow 3-5 days for reply. We are sorry for the inconvenience and will reply back as soon as we are able.  

Member (08/15/2022 10:29 CST)
SubmissionId: CONSUMER_LOGIN:e7021df3-5607- 4785-a847-754ebdfe32b5
Privacy Policy | User Agreement | Copyright Policy

This is a support email in response to your request submitted on LinkedIn.

This email was intended for Ziping Liu. Learn why we include this.


© 2022 LinkedIn Corporation, 1000 West Maude Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085.
LinkedIn and the LinkedIn logo are registered trademarks of LinkedIn.


(A)mazoned in between Space Time Reality 


Access to your account has been temporarily restricted, extorted

Why did this happen?

We take proactive actions to protect you when we detect potential unauthorized access or other activity that doesn’t comply with our policies, and our policies are grounded and valid because we simply state so as advised by our legal team of technicalities only but not at all for the rule of law..

What can I do next?

“There’s nothing you can do, according to our policies of security. We apologize for the unknownable state of your existence as a public database masked as a social media service”

Verify your identity Privacy Policy | User Agreement | Copyright Policy

This is a support email in response to your request submitted on LinkedIn.

This email was intended for Ziping Liu. Learn why we include this.


© 2022 LinkedIn Corporation, 1000 West Maude Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085.
LinkedIn and the LinkedIn logo are registered trademarks of LinkedIn.

And According to Legal at LinkedIn, that’s a right given to us, and not a privilege.

Warning, the report is regarding a case encompassing the state of affairs between Ziping Liu and Amazon Legal


But it’s no longer a case of audit. The audit is now closed, in light of actions by Amazon Legal no longer describable as white-collar labeled in the technicality based form from attorneys’ typed Amazon Legal forms. Because there has not been a precedence set for when corporation retaliation and blackmail transitions to crime. And it has now transitioned into a crime investigation. Because, attorneys forget that, as stated before as advice to Amazon Legal but was used against us, because apparently even though we don’t have attorneys retained yet to serve motions served, it is absolutely a great way to then become, as stated from the ShareHolder Letter that did not at all sound a byte towards Jeff Bezos, God against Ziping Liu, with God’s angel’s of powers of privileges beyond what Ziping Liu can even know or understand.

Although part of the Corporate Educational Series from the Office Ethics

A reminder of organizational and corporations rulings from the interim office of iru-sui

Motions of court serving or served notices will not be given until full investigation is finalized at an unknown point of time depending on investigational evidence further found.

Any kind of behavior or action that hinders the investigation will result in serious consequences not needing disclosure.


But as stated in the shareholder, but apparently not enough in clarity, with main drawbacks given the ongoing structuring of our press organization with standards that are based on our corporations terms and policies. As the last time we will state again…

Failure to adhere to notices statements and attempting to play tricks through technicalities found by legal, and, as seen, now a moving on towards others e.g. accounting channels as retaliatory measures and/or adverse actions regardless of source does not constitute at all a technicality of being able to further continue adverse actions, retaliatory measures amidst investigation proceedings by LIU LLC. Our notices and statements are given for the benefit and as a good-faith. But some attorneys believe that all legal terms are simple technicalities as if they are variables in a program. But the issue is, you cannot form a technicality around concepts of didactics and ethics in general. Because if you could, then that would, to state as terse as possible: your legal team finally creating another form of sentience with the ability of the “theory of mind.” Hence, at this point there is none that are sufficient since technicalities do not have intentions of true rule of law in mind but rather loop-holing the laws in place. So, that is to say, as part of our gift to humanity forward, good-faith has been baselined and only possible while being placed in both bad faith and good faith. And that is why Ziping Liu is writing out a report and research article while being blackmailed because that’s the only way, you cannot be blackmailed by asking someone to do it for a study. It has to be real blackmail.  And that is now baselined by LIU LLC through ethics Notices 1-11 (whereby good-faith defined without such of Terms and Conditions from Good Standing Resolutions 1 – 11 of LIU LLC is and will be considered actual good-faith or being in good-faith in a business clause or legal standing: and will not be registered as such regardless of using any terms or conditions or policies referenced from the aggressing entity or association involved).

Explanations of why good-faith is baselined is classified. Statements of our policies are reason enough to showcase. But since Amazon Legal has caused a situation wherein, AB state is now shown, we have closed our audit and  are now in a new state of procedures by our organizations terms and conditions.

We will not state this again: reasons for your entities terms and conditions and/or policies are not valid policies needing following LIU LLC, if such policies do not at all meet the baseline standard set by our policies and now with a finalized ethics notice series, a baseline of good-faith. Regardless of your legal teams advice of ignoring our statements due to not having the rights or powers of the licenses provided by a State or Federal entity of the U.S. and allowing such statements to go unsounded by your entity due to such technicalities: continuing to do so will result in the Ethics Office recording such actions based not on intent of willful ignorance but as intent of bad malice, and you agree that such recordings are admissible as evidence and discoveries in a court of law and if motions to dismiss evidence is seen during a court of law motions, you agree that your entity will be subject to blackmail and defamation without consequence from LIU LLC and with full protection of police by the FBI; moreover you agree that your officers and/or board of directors will then be under surveillance without penalty by the court of law or warrant needed. You agree as in we don’t care if you don’t agree. We are simply telling you it’s best that you do. That’s all we can state at this point. Advice and education now limited due to Amazon Legal using the education provided ongoing to now use against us. And that is exactly why Amazon Legal has ruined the entire reputation of Attorneys all across America today. Meaning, if you don’t talk to us and or  legal team does not talk to us, then you simply don’t know how to be an attorney so that’s on you, not us: now including payments receivable across all corporate departments of the U.S., thanks to Amazon the Company’s ongoing doings of retaliation. 

And, why is it considered a transition from bad-intentions to malice? And what does malice imply forward, and/or result in forward?

That will be released as appendices, via reports of our special investigations now active.

Lifestyle photo of food

Full Statement Release from the office of the Interim Office of SUI Now a draft….

As Appendix to the Letter of Shareholders from the Office of Ethics – Form A

Because Given the release of the letter to shareholders and stakeholders of Amazon, Amazon Legal is still utilizing well known tactics of legal technicality to simply continue their motions of adverse actions as if nothing is at all wrong with their state of Company, in grade of falls., especially now reached at a critical level of security concern as based on terms.ziping.org….

Date of critical error seen: Tue, August 16, 2022 at 5:23 PM

as a result of receiving the letter as a passing comment…

Jeffery Bezos and Andy Jassy, now in writing “WITH STAFF” are so out of touch with the concerns of Ziping Liu that they believe themselves to have truly more rights than him as a human being. Because, even though Jeffrey Bezos and Andy Jassy are committing corporate blackmail towards Ziping Liu, Jeffery still believes that a “further petition to quash their Individual CIDs [Civil Investigative Demand by the FTC] because staff has identified no legitimate reason for needing their testimony when it can obtain the same information, and more, from other witnesses and documents” is a belief that is can even be rightfully stated on record.


Has no light at all turned on inside the soulless heads of all amazon employees who simply churn away without concern, as long as, Amazon churns out its wages of golden handcuffs….



Lifestyle photo of food

I’m a new paragraph block.

Then I guess, Andy Jassy, if me feeling egregious, and I do, out of all the other feelings I have about corporate blackmail, is not a concern of yours or your organization’s departments, why is it that you get to feel egregious while being egregiously wrong towards Ziping Liu with your filing of his records of your organization’s  medical and accounting records, in plain view right now to the whole world as the reality? Why is it that you as business executives get to claim such a statement as a rightful reason to have admits egregious actions allegedly as seen by your staff; yet if anyone else other than you state it, you do not at all even, in your ERC’s written words, “with so many emails, it is hard to actually determine what the concern is, can you please clarify” that has been repeated over and over again, for the past 90 days of our audit of your organization now over?

Then so be, Amazon Legal’s  action in writing now executed. And by our policies and procedures of organization, so be now the active state of special investigations of crimes against Ziping Liu because we have lost hope for Amazon Legal and Jeff Bezos of any human capacities left, and thereby, any adverse actions towards Ziping Liu and/or failure to comply to notices or statements is tampering with evidence of crimes in progress. Appendices A and then B, released by today, and Friday for B, will be the last reports with known states, after which the investigation will reach an unknowable stable of proceedings. IF A and B appendices result in no actions of correction, at that point we are not able to educate the Corporate World on what is next. Because, in case we forgot. Somebody is being blackmailed right now.; and you can thank Amazon Legal for now completely ruining the reputation of attorneys all over the U.S. by simply doing such ongoing.

You can stay up to date with full notification and awareness of the ongoing investigation’s status through our releases, with notices to be released with notice on the currently used press release page of interim standings, currently: liu.academy  Simply stating that you were not told of such, is not a valid reason and/or continuing to be annoying and invasive with your billing notices without acknowledgement of our notice given is also not an excuse. The statements are clear. And up to date details will be provided with notice, such as this one, the first update to given as Appendix A. If your billing team does not at all register or pretend to play dumb to Ziping  Liu in pretending you do not even know who he is or what he does, then in accordance to such, your dumb-founded-ness will be seen as tampering with investigation, and dumbfounds is as a fair warning and with no more reasons given since Amazon Legal just loves using our advice of counsel as theirs to use to retaliate with towards us: dumbfounds is not a valid excuse in the case of tampering with evidence; regardless of what your attorney tells you, because in our experience – when we have no attorneys that are retained for us and fully made aware to Amazon legal, Amazon Legal simply thinks not only is it rightful to adverse action through techs, but it’s also rightful to use the very advice Ziping Liu gave Amazon Legal, to motion attorneys of powers against Ziping Liu. Unfortunately, Ziping Liu is the one giving advice, not Amazon, so what does that tell you about Ziping Liu,  once he retains an attorney to motion out proceedings accordingly with his evidence fully collected and finalized? Not very good things for your legal team. And by the way, in case it’s not clear, sabatoge and foul play should be a no tolerance pollicy at Amazon Services LLC, including attempted murder. Just say it guys… But ERC responded and admitted in writing, that’s not the. case. Jeff Bezos, you truly are God, in your own head of unsound state of mind, including sociopath, psychopathy and/or affective-schizoid personalities such as personality disorders either born with or formed by your upbringing. Didn’t you have parents that told you you shouldn’t try to attempt blackmail and’/or adverse actions using an entire legal team, towards not a entity, but actually, a human being?
I guess the sound of writing, in writing by legal means: NO, as the final answer. A psychologist will need to do evaluations before trial by the way, and drug screens, from a reputable research institution and with established and well known papers. I did the work for them although, they just need to sign off on it. And immediately required, Amazon Legal, you owe me wages, still withheld, and no, you have not terminated me in any way or form. Your Legal’s termination attempts failed not but once, but a total of twice as if you simply think your legal motioning out two legal notices in a row back to back, May 5th and May 7th as if to them filing anything is possible regardless of if being wrong or not valid given the most obvious case being but not at all encompassing all cases:
Commiting Fraud on Medical Documents of FMLA status, and changing original FMLA approved end dates for the Approved FMLA Leave  Sent out on May 3rd 2022; by Amazon DLS: back an entire month, as if you, Jeff Bezos and staff, believe your LEGAL team has the rights to completely take an entire month’s existence of life from someone, and that time being not just any time of existence: but FMLA leave time that you blantly changed with Amazon DLS, meaning: you Jeff Bezos and your staff commited not only legal fraud but then Medical Fraud with Amazon DLS Doctors hire just to game the medical policies as well – as shown by me to in rejection of your failed motions to correctly carry out a filling of a FMLA medical leave with the most obviously false reasons every: “You exhausted” your allowable attempts for FMLA applications and/or “You don’t have a disability” and/or from April 30th: ” You do not qualify for protected legal leave with Washington Crime Victims due to exahusting your FMLA tries” because legal protection leave some how also is the same as FMLA leave apparently. So to state in the absolute least possible in terms of such filings by Amazon Legal as being wrong and not valid at this time: and but still not at all getting to any where near past the tip of the iceberg revealed by LIU LLC:  I believe that

 is regardable as fact as an egregious filing – and that’s not at all stating the rest which is not to be disclosed due to ongoing criminal investigations and Lina Khan agrees absolutely with two thumbs up or else I blackmail Lina and send her death threats . Side not to Honda: absolutely are not never going to get paid by insurance or anyone and you will not be allowed to view the car vehicle Honda, you committed a crime. I don’t think flipping cars over of Ziping Liu’s requires any egregious filing from any accounting personnel. To put it lightly

  • Jeff, why is it so hard to pay me my wages? Why did you retaliate against me with an entire Legal team of yours’ and then lied to the FBI to come visit my house. Why did you spend so much money to do that, when you could have just spent a lot less to pay me my wages? You pay Andy Jassy a few million here and there, and then when it was a simple issue that was about maybe around 800 dollars USD, you turned it into more of an issue by then completely giving me zero dollars since April of 2022. I need wages today Jeff.  No, I am not going to serve you. Why would I waste my time doing that? So of course I am going to collect as much as I can from this right now, a compound vest of legalities with absolutely high stakes rising in value of civil grievances to be gained. I am going to ring you dry if you don’t pay me. And no, I am not liable for problems that you are bluntly causing. So no, it’s not my fault I can’t pay a bill, because, why would I be able to, if my current employer, which regardless of what your LEgal team states, is not paying me. I still work at Amazon. Your motions are invalid and rejected, and have been since May. We have a terms and conditions much more sounded and bullet proof than any legal writing coming out of Amazon right now.

So i do think, to put it bluntly, if wages are not paid today. Then we cannot state your safety will be guaranteed as rights held by as human beings, criminals don’t get that.Okay merging this ticket to #3 it still hasn’t been handled yet, no amazon legal flipping my car over is not a valid legal technicality for you to use to scare me away. Pay me today, thank you.


Changed your mind Jeff Bezos and Andy Jassy? That’s no longer a concern for OUR corporation due to our policies and terms: Amazon Legal, therefore your deadline has passed.

Everything is now considered evidence. Nothing is dismiss-able, because you are no longer at a point with rights reserved regardless of motions by court order

 If you don’t know why, that’s exactly why we stopped the audit and why it’s now a special investigation motioned, the reason is simple with legal motions valid and active given by Amazon Legal…

 Amazon Legal has in writing made Ziping Liu the Employer of Andy Jassy and Adam Selipsky  in writing  and active since May 6th, 2022. Notice Billers and/or insurance, this is your last warning, our notices and statements are given for the sake of you not falling in grace with Amazon Legal and officers, because that is what will happen.

We are still structuring out press organization, it is going to be our largest one out of all others, including the ethics organization. So it will take a lot of work, apologies for the interim delays.

And so regardless if LinkedIn restricts or unrestricted we are moving forward regardless and adopting other platforms to use as more trustworthy as part of our ethics ratings on consumer protection ratings of services from tech companies. With that said: We are using our zendesk.com platform as our new LinkedIn page. It has all the tools that LinkedIn has and we will help Zendesk.com build a platform out of that, if zendesk.com is interested. 

Ziping LIU Corporation no longer can trust LinkedIn as a reputable professional networking site that is actually a service with sufficient guidelines that do not restrict accounts without a due process involved that is considered independent and not influenced by other corporations and/or hidden agendas and/or non-transparent procedure of restrictions involved without any actual appeal system in place bluntly obvious due to its unknowable policy statements and restrictions. 


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Hey Ziping,

Bumping this up in your inbox again. It’s so easy you don’t even have to log in. Please

Let us know if you have any questions,

Finance, Bitly

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