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Learning Series #6 – “My Sword is Sheathed by not my Words” RE: Analyzing Werner’s Polls “Work Account Activation”- Addendum: “IT Request: I need a new work laptop sent to me asap” – Memorial for Twitter Edition

Author's note: Amazon Legal and CTO @Werner, FYI: Amazon Legal? (I have all the emails saved to prove it too) Remember when Amazon Internal Logistics were dumb as shit and sent me 6 MacBooks because they couldn’t send me the right one? So yeah those are my MacBooks now. I’m sending them to Apple Trade In. I’ll […]

Amazon Legal and CTO @Werner,

FYI: Amazon Legal? (I have all the emails saved to prove it too) Remember when Amazon Internal Logistics were dumb as shit and sent me 6 MacBooks because they couldn’t send me the right one? So yeah those are my MacBooks now. I’m sending them to Apple Trade In. I’ll let my board of directors know, who is on this email, one works at Apple – I think he’s like the head of engineering or something there idk he’s tall too, yeah there’s a lot of those at Apple so probably not that impressive and probably not as smart as Werner Vogels CTO OF AMAZON, WOW, to not flag this as a scam or theft attempt. Can you make sure to allow this to not be flagged as a theft attempt, it just slows down the process of me getting my trade in money okay? AMAZON IT?

Do not flag this as a scam attempt. I ain’t scamming no one. I’m trading in my laptops now, that I own, and for cash money. (ALSO AMAZON IT I NEED A NEW LAPTOP M1 pro or higher end, with 32 gb ram sent to me right away this week as my new work laptop). I am using the M1 Pro you sent to me as my work laptop as my second work laptop for LIU LLC now overseeing Amazon Services LLC. Thank you.
Liu's Response to Werner's Idiocy

You’re new to this. You are two days in the spotlight. SO I’ll give you a pass for polling the most outrageous responses so far…

And catch you up on the reality of things. There’s a saying…

Those who sheath their swords but know how to use them will inherit the world.

It’s absolutely true. Wars best never fought, civilizations that avoid conflict usually last longer than civilizations that chase after conflict. I could go on and on.

Your legal team, CTO, that you are an officer of, for, and by the way, an officer of liability for, decided to chase after conflict instead of “turning the cheek.” Why did they do that? I will explain more here.

But you are most likely stupid, and you don’t know how to read, hopefully that’s why you decided to poll the most outrageous response by stating that you don’t know how to unlock work emails. Good for you, thanks for being honest.


Your Legal, decided to chase after conflict and use their swords against me. They did so because they saw it as a sure 100% bullet-proof win-win situation for them. I don’t know why? Because they did it on these grounds

  • I raised concerns on an ethics hotline
  • I assured the legal team I would not take legal action against them
  • I reminded the legal team, over and over, I don’t have a lawyer retained, (nor do I have any lawyers retained right now).
  • I was absolutely very kind, and understanding with them in the beginning
  • I was working through issues with them during a supposed FMLA leave, which by the way (I was never paid for. My medical leave is paid for at least 60%, I never saw any of that money.)
  • I don’t suck coding, or have poor performance issues at work.
    • If you see any reports about me, that’s because my manager is an idiot and doesn’t know how to code herself, she also doesn’t know how to write properly and copied my writings too (I have a BA, and a BS) and I have email copied proofs of her copying my writing, and replying to me with my writing… Like straight up plagiarizing entire paragraphs of my writing. I write in a very unique way though. So, it’s hard to come up with it yourself in terms of new content. You just end up looking like an idiot. That’s why I never had any issues with plagiarism with code or my essay writing… I simply write too well for that to be an issue of anyone with half a brain of even thinking about copying.
      • And by the way SNEHACL, You end up really screwing things over not for you, but for women in general.
        • Women are already struggling to be represented and treated fairly in “Silicon Valley” and the tech world, if not, the entire world. And you here are doing exactly the things that make sexist men say the things they do about women.
        • Unfortunately, I’m not sexist. I’ve never met any women in my life as dumb as you, but you are still smarter than half the men I’ve met.
  • If you think I suck coding, then I guess 99% of Amazon Developers suck at coding as well as 99% of github users as well, just go look at my github stats.
  • I graduated with an electrical engineering degree, I understand the math behind code far better than any CS developer would ever dream of.
Quora Stats for quora.com/profile/ziping-liu-5

So, of course? Why would you retaliate against me? Why would legal say: THAT GUY! HIM. I NEED HIM GONE. But wait there’s more.

That’s my Quora stats. It skyrocketed in April of 2022. Your legal teams, and HR teams discovered the BA side of me. They saw I was a very good writer, and I am a far better writer now since I continually strive to improve my writing in every form. And they copied works for Andy’s Shareholder Letter. Great Job Andy.

Anyways, do you see what is happening here? You legal, HR, and stupid engineering teams decided to rape, and pillage from me, my works, my content, and my value generation as their own.

And when I began to notice, and when I began to raise issues about things, they saw me as used goods and simply retaliated, took out swords and tried to kill me. You did. Deleting FMLA’s happens to cause death, that’s why they are protected (apparently not with Marty Whalsh, that’s why you owe me an apology Walsh).

I would understand, if I was not as smart, capable, or able, as Ziping Liu, that I would try to steal from him and if I had more “sword power” than him, I would then probably kill him to hide the fact that it ever came from him. I would take it as my work!

That’s essentially what Amazon Legal did.

I guess the problem is, they forgot the quote I mentioned… I know how to strike. If I wanted it to be over last month, It would have been over. I have kept my sword, legal sword, sheathed.

So I urge you to not play games when you are not in a position to joke Werner.

So most of you polled: Work account will be active tomorrow. And Wages, most still polled, will be available to me tomorrow. Health insurance, most polled, yes, tomorrow as well.

If at least 1 of those things are done and complete, I will overlook this poll of yours Werner. But if none of those things are complete after tomorrow, I will use that against you. And I will strike you hard, with my sword still sheathed.

Werner? Are you a fucking retard? Go get my work account working. All of Amazon IT failed at the task for 6 months, so it’s escalated to you. Get it done or you are fired. I’m serious, I’ll get Bob Ferguson to fire you and put you in prison Werner… YOU are liable, now that we know Selipsky is a criminal, we can scope into the other bad apples. Look at the FUCKING TESTS HERE: https://github.com/ZIPING-LIU-CORPORATION/atoz.ziping.work, THEY SHOULD NOT BE PASSING.


Fucking dumbest officers on the planet I have to deal with this shit, then deal with dumbass Mr. Huttenlocher of MIT and Board of Director of Amazon and part of their so called “career dev org bs.” HOLY FUCK


  1. Yes your work account will work today or tomorrow by the latestNo we don’t know how to unlock work accounts, including CTO associates

You guys need to connect with me on linkedin. By the way, for those of you who poll and are wrong about my wages being deposited to my accounts tomorrow…. I’m docking 1 dollar off your monthly pay. Get F****.

Andy Jassy polled for Dec 24th with wages paid. If he’s wrong, he’s paying 25 million more for my wages. The second highest voted choice was the 21st of Dec.

For those of you who polled for tomorrow (which was the highest voted poll choice) and you are wrong… I will dock 1 dollar off your monthly pay and ruin you financially that way. Get F***

Where is my health insurance? Activate it RIGHT F**ING NOW HUTTENLOCHER.. MIT TRASHBIN SCHOOL DEAN…

  • Yes health activated right away today or tomorrow latest
  • No – No, No, NO

MY writing, it hits hard doesn’t it? Imagine me reading this in a courtroom, to you again, Werner.

So when am I getting my wages? And when am I getting my promotion? The day I get my wages is the day I get promoted because no one is paid 5 million dollars for no reason.

  1. Dec 22nd
  2. Dec 23rd
  3. Dec 24th
  4. Dec 19th
  5. Dec 20th
  6. Dec 21st

And Selipsky? If you forgot about you, re-read Series #5.

Also, I need to seriously meet with All of Amazon Legal lead by Zapolsky, personally, face to face, and have them apologize to me in person so that this issue can be fully resolved with honor and virtue forward.

  1. Yes we will set up a meeting with you to meet with the legal team at Amazon
  2. No the legal team are all dead

Please poll

  • Yes we will let you become head of twitter
  • Quit talking out of your ass ziping

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