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Phase 4 Introduction Part 3 of 3 (Series #3)

Author's note: Okay so things are going to be very conditional. I have seen the polls. Great, then let’s action with evidence in executions and proper correspondences via channels of communication and not channels of retaliations Can you guys stop trying to kill me? It’s a delicate at this point. So I’m not sure who’s actually feeling […]
So why is Daniel Elk, CEO of Spotify, posting a question yet answering it at the same time? Because the intention here is not to ask a question to gain insight on something that is not known and a curiosity to Daniel because Daniel already has formed a very solid and concrete opinion on Ziping and now wants to spread that opinion of Ziping to as many people as possible. But Daniel Elk, from his CEO experience at Spotify is pretty smart and knows simply posting an opinion piece on Blind and trying to assert an opinion can be done more effectively through disguising itself as actually a post asking a question. Because Daniel knows from experience from the subscription and ads centered business he runs, in general, customers or target audiences are more likely to respond to ideas that the customer thinks were formed themselves rather than to ideas that the customer knows have been formed from someone else and are being presented to the customer to accept. Because, usually when it comes to hearing things from other people, a person is first going to be very skeptical and with suspicion and regard such ideas as requiring verification from others. But, Daneil knows that by asking a question he is able to showcase that he is not trying to spread an idea or opinion, but rather trying to ask people for insight on a question and hence for other people's opinions.
And hence, now two idiots that snort a shit tone of coke everyday to feel like what they think they are. And think they are supernatural and god and the second coming of christ and also able to turn water into wine and are business moguls that can 1) lose partnerships with advertisers and see it as a win, and 2) buy expensive toys to then crash and burn and repeat, 3) justify what they did in the past as a permanent reason for their ability to be titans forever and now forever 4) have had a direct line of ancestors from Africa at some point in the last 300 years. 5) needs to get deported to Africa, much like al of Amazon Legal needed to get deported to space.

Okay so things are going to be very conditional. I have seen the polls. Great, then let’s action with evidence in executions and proper correspondences via channels of communication and not channels of retaliations

Can you guys stop trying to kill me? It’s a delicate at this point. So I’m not sure who’s actually feeling any sort of pride but there is no pride in doing all of this and thinking, cools things also then happens. It’s always disappointing to realize the permanently damaged

Originally tweeted by Mr. Ziping Liu (@TheFakeLiu) on December 2, 2022.

So, okay? @AmazonHelp and @BobFergusonAG ?

Well thank you @ajassy, for polling with resolve to put this ongoing adverse action and retaliation campaign into a state of end and with a start of a campaign of rebuilding @TheFakeLiu completely broken given half a year retaliations. Because I don’t plan on dying anytime soon.

Let's get to work if you polled for actioning resolutions and helping Ziping. And in case of Andy Jassy, HE DOES!

Originally tweeted by Mr. Ziping Liu (@TheFakeLiu) on December 3, 2022.

Recall that Ziping Liu has now written the proofs for Amazon’s crimes but now released in a very clear and published form as a book.

Recall that wages are now increased with a late fee for November.

Recall the term: Bad-Intentions/ Bad-faith sent to you, Amazon ERC and Leaders in July,

and I sent this email also to your leaders – and this was sent to you using Ziping Liu’s Zendesk Ticketing Systems that recorded the case ID as well as tracking the progress BELOW:

Good Faith

  •  The  Parties undertake  to act in good faith with respect to each other’s rights under this Contract and to adopt all reasonable measures to ensure the realization of the objectives of this Contract
  • The  Indenture Trustee  will not be liable for any action taken or not taken in good faith which it believes to be authorized or within its rights or powers under this Indenture so long as the action taken or not taken does not amount to negligence.


o   Definable: In criminal law, indicates the intention, without justification or excuse, to commit an act that is unlawful.

o §   Malice   means that [name of defendant] acted with intent to cause injury or that [his/her] conduct was despicable and was done with a willful and knowing disregard of the rights or safety of another. A person acts with knowing disregard when he or she is aware of the probable dangerous consequences of his or her conduct and deliberately fails to avoid those consequences.
§   Malice   means the dissemination of a known falsehood or of information with a reckless disregard for whether it is true of false, or the absence of a reasonable belief that an action, statement or recommendation is warranted by the facts

Recall that the term Bad Apple was introduced to Amazon ERC and Leadership via a HBR article’s case study of white collar crime.
Recall Ziping Liu’s labeling of Amazon Corporate Leadership using negative terms such as “Psychopathic”, “Sociopathic”, “Damned”, “Hellbent”, “Bad Apples”, “A**Holes”, “B****”, “Mother F*****”, to name a few.
Recall that in November, Ziping Liu shares an example of a research paper that researched the same topic in which Ziping Liu is also writing a research paper in, because it has been now twenty years and the research in that area is stagnant and without any progress so Ziping Liu is taking the research progress of said area or related areas out of the 2000s (which can be argued as still the 1960s and still the 2020s) and into a brand new decade of the 2030’s in which case Ziping Liu would be in his thirties and hopefully still alive.
Recall that in October, ERC threatened to cease communications with Ziping Liu, as referenced here with LIU LLC’s prompt response and warning in return.

And if payment is not received today of wages and/or a HR Business Rep is not assigned to Ziping Liu – as part Liu LLC’s bylaws, we will then move forward with writing out the proof for bad apple intentions in the case of describing Amazon Legal’s retaliatory campaign against Ziping LIU.

Recall that since July, but with fuller support statements reasoned now in November-Dec, of the Act of God legalities in which showcase Adam as wanting to be God, and in which case Hopsin? You can go ask Adam your questions now!

Recall the Request that explains why faster action and progress updates are needed…

As much as I am shocked to say this, there’s a late fee added for a notice of late payments that has been given to Amazon Corporate leaders and Partners since the end of August if we just look at Phase 3 to now as the time frame. Considering how many late fees have been issued due to missed extended deadlines, there shouldn’t be any continuing issues with missed deadlines at all. So let’s not have any more setbacks and have this be the last one to ever happen. 

And in case we don’t understand why the sudden tone has shifted. My body has been traumatized by the ongoing retaliations campaign. 

And as a special case of experiencing a traumatic event, my mental health is not the one in shock.

So In Case We Are Not At All Able To See Ideas That Are An Abstraction Beyond the Average Mind of a JD at Amazon Legal

Phase 4 is my phase. It’s where finally speak and have a voice against this most wretched and abusive people on the planet right now. It is when I finally speak through my voice to you. Without a filer or layer of character that helps avoid antagonizing the reader.Because I have remained silent long enough. I’m done waiting. So I am now going to tell you how I feel right now about you doing all of this to me. To me. no, not to someone. But to me. You are the one that took it this far with me AMazon Corporate and Gov Stakeholders. You are the one that has allowed the timeframe to become this long of an expanse. 

For those of us who may not realize this, I have sent an email notifying the leadership of Amazon and the government that my physical body has given me a warning through severe symptoms that it is experiencing severe trauma or severe stressors. These stressors are of course from the ongoing corporate retaliatory campaign being waged by Amazon Legal against Ziping Liu for the past six months. And it has become a six month ordeal only because of such leaders’ non-resolution and non-action in ensuring that initial action items are fully executed as fast as possible.

Rather, nothing has been done at all with full execution; therefore, the campaign continues, and stressors continue to exist without any lessening or decrease in severity, rather, they are increasing. 

I am currently experiencing all the symptoms one would feel when the body is in a stage at the last part of a recovery process and repairing things and so forth. I’m not going to discuss more in depth than that given how these are pretty severe symptoms and are not at all something needed to be said unless warranted by more exhaustion. But just know, right now somehow my body is in a state where it is recovering from: 

  • a severe fever lasting of at least five days or more
  • a traumatic event to the body
  • a bacterial infection of the body, primarily seen in the throat, lungs, and chest
  • an infectious outbreak that had symptoms varying in severity over time in different areas of the body either as a consequence of the infection spreading and/or the body slowly fighting off infection from area to area.

Because I now am experiencing a whole sweet of body reactions that occur at the end of something like that above given the severity that my body has reacted. But I didn’t have something that happened that at all would be described reasonably as a list of the above items. I had a bacterial infection. I know that, and I do in fact feel different areas of my throat and chest slowly feeling better and better much like an infectious outbreak would bring. 

Due to the amount of closing work it is doing, I will not be able to disclose more about the healing timeline for something of that nature at this time. This initial symptom is not consistent with a normal bacterial induced fever resulting from a throat infection, which is characterized by severe fever. 

Nevertheless, the human body is very complex

And mental and physical health are interconnected as much as we sometimes consider them to be separate entities, or as if they do not exist at all. But much like I always love making things mutually dependent on each other due to how they form a synergistic bond and require one to hence give meaning for the other, vice versa as well… In the case of mental health and physical health: one affects the other and vice versa, and of course both are just as important as the other.

An individual can experience a variety of health problems if they experience trauma in general. As a result of this half-year-long corporate relations campaign, my body has been traumatized to the point that it is screaming out to me and telling me that something is wrong. I have never before experienced such a response from my body. This is as if my body is experiencing the most severe and dangerous state of risk, to the point of being unable to know how to manage such risks in order to prevent the risk from becoming fatal. 

So that’s why I am taking a new and more serious direction given the sudden awareness of a troubling situation in development that you AMazon Leaders and Government leaders have not at all seemed to have awareness for, and allowed for the most egregious things to happen right in front of your very eyes as if you think this is some sort of daily entertainment to read from the politics section at time.com
The November late fee which could have been so easily avoided had things simply been done in a normal way

And like that said, it’s not like we can just keep on adding late fees and it just keeps being a thing that can just keep happening… No.. At some point the severity of the non-action becomes so high it truly creates a permanent loss of faith in the responsible party to take action. EVEN IF BMW tries to sweeten the pie of late fees

, and says: “Ziping, you have been truly been a class act in having been held hostage by Amazon Legal inside their BMW locked and stalled with you tied up in the back seat and Amazon Legal staring off into space with those crazy eyes, while we have only watched in horror for the past Nova 16th to now Dec 3rd days. We want to give you a BMW as a token of our appreciation.”

It still wouldn’t make up for the severity, and even BMW says “STOP BUT  NUMB-PING, then MAY we NOT ONLY RESOLVE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH ONE, BUT WITH ONE THOUSAND BMWS MORE?” 

The tragic issue is that such a factor change does not at all make something worth nothing to ZIpping increase into more of a nothing and hence would be the same as saying one BMW and even zero BMWs.

The tragic issue is that such a factor change does not at all make something worth nothing to ZIpping increase into more of a nothing and hence would be the same as saying one BMW and even zero BMWs.

So let’s not at all get to that point of non-action in time lost. Okay? Because there is going to be a point where if nothing is done for enough time, there’s going to be no way at all for things to then be resolved. That chance would be truly lost forever in a form of loss of faith, permanently.

So, BMW? Please take action now and send a BMW to Ziping. Seriously. Send Ziping a BMW, in Lieu of Ziping Liu’s framing within any kind of sector real space oddity. Because with enough time, then,

All that can be said is that silence kills, and what has been seen is only fear and dead men and their piles of dead lined, cloth strewn, hands. The only question is why. Because it is known,

It is silence that kills.

And having known what can be done to do better, only the same mistakes continue?

Even worse further, now why are Amazon and Government leaders now allowed in an ongoing campaign that is trying to kill the one person in this government for the amazonian state that isn’t just simply one without silence, but one standing even through the body’s own screams of no longer able to stand much further? 

…because of a simple question in the rationale behind allowing

Why are they not only known in what is to be better, but allowed to do exactly what is worse knowing?

from reality checks 2-3
  • A: Yes We BMW Partners or associated entities will take action now to ensure Liu is given a BMW and if not then we simply go down the alphabetical list of car makers of never ending lengths
  • B: No the BMW provided to you by Amazon Legal and BMW, is already sufficient for someone at your role and performance expectations as a retaliations victim for us to watch forever – We are you
  • C: We are working with all our efforts now in place to ensure actions of wages now with a late nov fee, is being actioned and executed through right now as we speak – we are truly sorry for not taking serious action sooner
  • D: We kind of just want to go back and do the ERC email dance with you again. Can we do that again? Lol what are you going to do ziping? Your rules don’t matter in Amazonian State for Apple Bobbing FergaSelipsky B****
So for all of us today, let’s poll it together, and will you then ajassy@amazon.com, kindly help with your poll today to show a sense of solidarity for polling Ziping out of Amazon Hell sanctioned by State given how they remain silent in midst the most vile and treacherous things, yet has it not been said that it is silence that kills the world
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