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Let’s go back and Amazon Employee Resource Center and origins of Reinvent – Re:invent #3

Author's note: ...But imagine losing touch of humor altogether... as if the composer lost touch with music, not being able to hear the melody or the chord they once composed in an orchestral arrangement; worse, just being replaced by some vibration of an alien source alone. Featured image by kjpargeter on Freepik.
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In light of the series switch that occurred midway through Re:visit’s series, Re:invent is essentially a rebrand of Re:visit. It coincides with the rebranding of Amazon Unified Press, the main press site, that occurred during Re:visit’s series. Apart from that, Re:invent 1 and 2 are essentially rehashing of past ideas already published in reports months ago which indeed is the same intent of the mentioned Re:visit series.

To provide transparency regarding the marketing initiatives that have been undertaken

Therefore, the use of ERCAWS.com and the name Employee Retaliatory Centre for Press Reports and Analysis was only a result of the acronym “ERC” used by Amazon’s former Human Resources Center name, “Employee Resource Center,” which often used the acronym “ERC” in HR correspondence and communications. There are dozens of proprietary in-house labels that organize the wider corporation’s organization of dozens of unique departmental, team, building, and other types of corporate assets, and such acronym usage is a common practice among corporate offices and staff in general for the sake of brevity amongst dozens of in-house proprietary labels that organize the wider corporation’s organization.

As it turns out the usage of that same acronym: “ERC” on our press site was not only a subtle yet memorable change of Amazon’s use of “ERC” by only one word, but also augmed by a use of a logo derived from Amazon ERC’s logo that highlighted the witty or “subtle” wordplay graphically. In fact, our site traffic actually increased by a significant amount after the marketing uses and as a result of sharing Amazon ERC search results.

The HR Department then rebranded to My HR Live. Amazon HR communications, including via its erc@amazon.com addresses, no longer mention ERC but refer to it as My HR Live Support Center. In erasing any association with the other “ERC” acronym that had become an extremely successful press website in its own right: ercaws.com, with over a million views each week at its peak, it’s obvious the aim is to avoid any association with “ERC” the acronym that had been taken and used. Or in other words… Amazon’s rebranding of the HR Department to My HR Live was a deliberate attempt to distance the company from the website ercaws.com, which had become popular in the press and had been using the same “ERC” acronym for its own branding. By changing the name, Amazon was hoping to avoid any confusion or brand overlap.

As a result, Amazon Legal rebranded its biggest department, Human Resources, from ERC to “My HR” without responding to the initial action items requested by Mr. Ziping Liu, which would cease and resolve any retaliatory motions forward by Amazon, the Company and begin a process of resolutions without intending to implicate or punish Amazon executives on the basis of state or federal law.

This move of rebranding its HR center instead of even taken any kind of action to resolve Ziping’s concerns became the second most pathetic as well as serious and severe form of adverse action executed by Amazon Legal post May of 2022. By rebranding its HR center, Amazon Legal was essentially trying to sweep the issue under the rug instead of actively addressing it. This is seen as a serious form of adverse action because it is an attempt to avoid accountability and silence Ziping.

A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood.

As William Shenstone, an English poet, once wrote

Most businesses rebrand once every 7-10 years. Rebranding is the process of giving a product or company a new name, image, or identity.

Due to the severity of the actions taken, our press’s editor decided that a rebranding initiative would be undertaken in order to diverge from mimicry or play in words – so as to speak – and to begin a rebranding that is uniquely referential to Amazon but does not depend on any specific department or name within Amazon as a dependent basis of reference or association. Hence, we took efforts to rebrand to also ensure that now this is an observed motion of large outreach and impact or visibility to the public.

And of the end of the first week of March

As a result, Amazon executives and lawyers have failed to resolve issues through broken down actions provided by the victim himself: Ziping Liu has provided simple and digestible initial action items presented as resolutional paths in order to provide a familiar form of organizational procedure but through a very unfamiliar phenomenon: corporate retaliation, defamation, blackmail, etc.


AS JUST ONE SAMPLE OF A TIMEFRAME IN OF ONGOING NATURE, IN THE INABILITY OF MYHR SUPPORT LIVE OR EMPLOYEE RESOURCE CENTER AT AMAZON IN CORRESPONDING WITH ZIPING LIU IN ANY KIND OF SENSIBLE OR SOUND MANNER. And with that led to a very notable polling that had showcased resolutions to be finalized by December, based on very explicit poll choices provided and chosen by Amazon Executives as well as Government Stakeholders. Obviously December came and went and nothing became of any sort of action taken, or that is to say simply: nothing has been done, now ongoing, into March.

Seven months of ongoing issues simply demonstrate a lack of urgency

I would like to reiterate the urgency of the matter, wherein, in which indeed: there is an urgent need to resolve the issues: I restate what I said on September 9th:

Since I make things way too special with my writing, I guess I don’t really feel happy with the performance results, as if I am some sort of magazine article or narrative published 20 years ago in the New York Times Best Seller. Apparently, it is not clear to others that I was just a normal guy and that this could happen to anyone and is an active ongoing issue.

The root cause of this problem is just one thing — a massive organizational mistake uncovered by an employee. Of course, the organization decided to get rid of the employee rather than resolve the problem.

According to Amazon Legal’s best understanding of organizational bylaws and compliance with domestic laws in the U.S., what steps did they take? As a result, they decided to retaliate corporately, starting with little jabs of idiocy by stalling my disability accommodations for my Depression and other conditions while I countered their idiocy throughout April of 2022: this is now referred to as adverse actions of a wider retaliation campaign.

It seems that some Disability and Leave departments within a corporation, for example Amazon.com and its affiliates, which have hired medical doctors to handle FMLA leave cases, have difficulty grasping that depression is a disability in contrast to merely a feeling of being upset about a hockey game result or team coaching reshuffling.

My definition of depression is that it is a serious medical condition that impacts my life in all its manifestations as a disability.

For me depression means I can’t laugh, cry, or even experience food tastes the same as I once did when I was a kid or even when I was in high school. It got to a point where I did not at even feel any kind of taste when salt landed on my tongue or felt warmth in the excited neurons in my brain as sugar coated it. In fact, I simply just felt like nothing, and this is only describing a final phase of depression that had been developing over multiple phases of very different symptoms encountered. Indeed, the phase before: everything felt like panic to me. Imagine the feeling that you get when you are about to fall face first into some rough concrete after tripping on an enoughing crack in the sidewalk.

Now imagine that feeling as eternal to you. Indeed that was the phase that I tried to end my life given simply how unbearable life became in such high emotions of neverends and noreasons. I was able to get out of that phase through getting professional help from the right therapists and psychiatrists and hence ongoing I am now in the said final phase.

There is a gradual improvement in my situation now recent that started in 2022…, but sometimes corporate blackmail gets in the way of happiness.
Imagine losing the ability to laugh for over three years, that is what I experienced.
In my writing, I can be funny at times…

But imagine losing touch of humor altogether… as if the composer lost touch with music, not being able to hear the melody or the chord they once composed in an orchestral arrangement; worse, just being replaced by some vibration of an alien source alone.

So perhaps that may shed some light on why I keep on saying “I am not a typical person.” I simply do not feel the consequences of such of this horrible retaliation, perhaps I don’t feel it at all. That is not to say I don’t see the wrong of it manifested. It’s a very delicate matter of much fine tuning in how I then take my best guess at what should be felt from little to no pain at all.



I don’t at all like offense or vulgar language nor at all regard the emotion of anger as any kind of healthy emotion to have… but I am rightfully angry (unlike LinkedIn who thinks I’m not allowed to be angry due to blackmail, hence their restrictions…. Yes, that’s what you did on LinkedIn. Because my second day, Sep 1st, of medical treatments so far has been Amazing. For the last 160+ days Seven Months, I was also fighting for my life to get treatment.

I didn’t go on medical leave to escape anything related to work issues. 

The retaliation started during medical leave

I just want that to sink in for everyone. And I want that to sink in for Andy Jassy and Legal and how consequential things can still be especially if this part of the process becomes another nightmare… And given the ongoing days past, it has been a nightmare.

Not really sure what part of my concerns involved turning off my health insurance but this ain’t it. And right now, whoever has any executive level title at Amazon right now, better be asking, is the PR Image right now worth being the most bluntly obvious aggressor of corporate wide adverse actions in the history of corporate retaliations right now?

And to be continued further, check back to this post for ongoing additions as this is not a finalized report and now with additional research ongoing, of an already concluded study.

You students need to all poll. I’m serious. It’s literally the only thing you seem to be able to do, as executives. I wouldn’t be something that is simply frozen in silence at this point. Sound action is needed.

No, I don’t use those space-age programs to write for me. They don’t really improve what I already write nor come up with anything better. So no there is no “Chat Jeep Pee Pee” or whatever the f*** it’s called doing anything. It doesn’t really write nearly as well as I can and it just really then becomes me correcting what it gave me or just throwing it out because it doesn’t have the ability to maintain a complex flow or rhythm of words. So no I don’t see this “Chat Pee Pee” as competition or some sort of replacement of me as a writer. I just don’t see it as anything the same as me, or even termable some sort of class below me or something. It’s like me looking at Amazon Executives and Legal right now. I just don’t even have the idea aggression or competing with them in anyway. They just are not something that affects me or even is of any sort of same kind of being in intelligence as me. I just see them perhaps as a better analogy, it’s like looking at ants and just acknowledging they exist but not really having some sort of notion at all that I compete with ants as part of my existence to theirs. It’s annoying when they get into areas they aren’t supposed to and bite me but you know, it’s just flesh wound and it heals, and I move on.

Although this corporate retaliation does hit different it’s more like an entire swarm of ants covering me and biting me. And then what do you know, they trick a bunch of FBI grasshoppers to just start jumping at me and kicking me. So yeah, this one, is not really like a sort of: oh it’s a flesh wound let’s move on. It’s more personal, and cuts deeper. So, yeah that’s why I am pretty angry but not in a, dang my foot itches, more like: I think perhaps I should go call the exterminator, or learn how to be one.

And I hopte there has been some notice of the sites quality of life features improved. For instance the Table of Contents is now more clearly defined and the Search bar now works. You can try searching: for anything, such as

And as well as a easier way to view posts, via Monthly queries now working as an expected functionality that wordpress blogs are known to have. Hence

So as you can probably tell but not really, there is indeed also another cool certification of a genuine presentation of literature from genuine servers of LIU LLC press. If you view the site’s certificate, no it does not at all simply showcase an extremely unknown validation of nothing at all specific other than the domain: such as the case with Amazon.com, their ceritifcate showcases nothing to me of any kind of security validity. It doesn’t really prove that they are Amazon as a BUsiness and at thsi point they can’t since you can’t get written and issued a statement of any kind of business recognized if you don’t at all run a business or run something that does not stand as a valid business.

And so that is to say at this point, Ziping Liu Corproatoin is now the only Employer in operation within this state of affairs between Amaon and Mr. Liu LIU LLC has more standing and credited verfication and notary as a business in standing than Amazon. No SSL Provider with a brain would at this point issue you any kind of organization verified ssl because there is none. So please, can you just understand I am not at all the one doing these things at you. I am not the very mean person that it looks like. This stuff simply occurs overtime when you neglect your own mistakes. So please. Let’s just move forward okay?

Oh my word, are you guys kidding me. I just have so many domains, I own over like at this point 500 of them and so obviously it can become a security loop-hole so I have taken precautions by ensuring a usage of the firewalls and the cors checking and the ssl ergo and visa-vi concordantly there has been a huge issue that has been left without resolve given a lack of awareness or detection of said issue. We have another Sev 1 at LIU LLC, our second one, a report is on the way, thank you for understanding. Why am I not on Twitter? Well Twitter locked my account.

They did it because I wrote a Tweet that said: “Bob Ferguson you have a punchable face today” and apparently the auto detection flags diddn’t like the way I said it that instance and instantly locked my account for seven days ongoing. They have a timer running showing when it will be unlocked so I am not that upset tbh. I don’t think that type of action is needed you understand the issues Bob and I are having and should understand the underlying message intended.

If I wanted to go punch anyone it would be myself:

Because as I said: I am my greatest enemy. And I thank you the public for understanding and recieving my messages in discernment of awareness in the level of humility I am showing ongoing to correct a instance of midirected regressions.

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