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Let’s take an Amazon for Z as in Ziping look into the AWS Account Issues, once more – Reinvent #4

Author's note: Editor's Note: This posts needs revising due to structural and flow issues. The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. And in this case, I am in definitely the wrong place for any kind of placement as a target of retaliation or defamation by a larger entity. I am not Epstein or some wannabe Freeman so to speak: I am a free man and deserve rights as any man is rightfully given.
The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. Quote from the award winning video game series "Mass Effect" of Microsoft Game Studios and video games developer legend: Gabe Newell, founder of Microsoft and inventor of Microsoft XPs.

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In case this is not known: mental health issues are real health issues and are actually a major cause of physical symptoms among Americans and can most definitely lead to an earlier death or shorter span of life. Mental health issues can manifest in physical symptoms, such as chronic pain, digestive issues, high blood pressure, and other ailments. Furthermore, mental health issues can lead to unhealthy behaviors, such as substance abuse, which can further contribute to physical health issues and reduce overall lifespan.

The World Health Organization reports that people with severe mental health disorders have a 10-25 year reduction in life expectancy. There is undoubtedly a possibility that many physical illnesses, diseases, or disorders suffered by individuals only occur as a result of untreated mental disorders that paved the way for a downward spiral of health. Mental health is linked to physical health in that an individual’s mental state can contribute to the development of physical illnesses. When an individual’s mental health is not managed properly, it can lead to chronic stress, which can, in turn, weaken the immune system and make the individual more prone to developing physical illnesses.

Chronic stress can lead to physical illnesses such as digestive problems, headaches, muscle tension and pain, heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke.

Please be aware of an issue ongoing now rising

I am getting restless but I am still remaining firm in my position of taking a more calm stance of self-correcting towards professional and calm Ziping. Due to observable psychological symptoms that have now risen to a severity that may cause long-term health problems with ZIping, I am making sure that anger is removed from my mind by at least the next month regardless of the idiocy ongoing by Amazon legal f*** faces. For anyone who did not know: being angry or stressed all the time does not have health benefits and may shorten your lifespan because it literally damages your body in such a way that it looks as though it has been damaged by some kind of physical infection or cancer, but is actually all a result of anger, or other mental health issues. 

I will, however, do it honestly and sincerely if I have to do something, because if I am half hearted in my life, including at work, then what is it about me that ultimately drives me to live a life of absolute meaninglessness and fulfils self-fulfilled prophecies of a life in which I regard life as nothing and have no choice but to hate myself? Because at that point in that kind of self recursive regression and decay, it’s truly an intent to remove all remaining hope left in life in sunnier days.

Please poll and let’s all just poll it forward. I’m not perfect, I lose my cool and become a very big asshole and I noticed that so I am working on that ongoing. I apologize to my retaliators as well if any form of commentary personally affected your wellbeing at home with your family. I will strive forward and maintain a more professional composure as best possible during a state of retaliatory professional corporate victimhood.

You may view a live special scoped status tracking of time needed by Executives to action an initial action item starting from Today May 7th!

The commissioned live special status tracking was signed and approved by our Editor as a special gift for the corporate wider audiences and public readerships, from readers like you, thank you!

And as a reminder of a past correspondence from Jan 15th at the latest now restated today

Can we just focus on getting things done? I’m not being at all out of line with what I am reporting about via my press organization. I’m not at all having a good time. In this context: specifically this stupid idiotic, immature, selfish, immoral, “JEFF BEZOS ANDY JASSY YOUR GREAT GRAND FATHERS AND GRAND FATHERS DIED IN THE WARS FOR NOTHING BECAUSE LOOK AT WHAT THEY DIED FOR, THE MOST WICKED, EVIL, FORMS OF LIFE TO EXIST TODAY”, context of the retaliatory campaign:

My humor gets darker, but its not at all me feeling more and more witty or humorous:

I’m compensating for the idiocy I’m seeing in reality by balancing out the idiocy with darker humor to cope with the most stupid form of bullsh💪%20(•︡益︠•)%20👊t I have ever seen anyone face, in the history of mankind. 

  • This is the most stupid, bull-sh💪%20(•︡益︠•)%20👊t, idiotic, and insane type of malice, I have ever heard of and I am just luckily enough to also be the victim of it as well.
  • I would cut off both my legs to actually go through a real retaliatory event against my life: because this is the most insane and done by the most insane, type of ordeal, and it’s literally me playing the board game Trouble with a 3 year old. 
  • The 3 year old doesn’t even know the rules to the board game Trouble: the three year old just likes pressing the stupid f💪(◡̀_◡́҂)ing button while I simply nod, and make motions of going through the cycles of the board game as best as i can, or else, if I don’t: the three year old looks at me funny and then starts crying: as if the three year old thinks we are actually engaging with each other in some strategem of two great minds battling it out.


I am playing the Board game Trouble, with a three year old, and being held hostage to do so because if I stop trying to make the game work while the three year old starts pressing the button ten times in a row, then moves three spaces forward, ten spaces backwards, and zones out for half a minute: the three year old will somehow notice and start wailing and then of course mom comes in and gets into an argument with me about how I’m not a real father and always cause the baby to cry and don’t know how to spend time with the baby and how all of men in our friends circle always know how to make our baby laugh and smile and yet you just don’t even know how to play a board game with the baby…, and I start bawling and start muttering how it’s not my fault this baby just seems to play this f💪(◡̀_◡́҂)ing stupid Trouble game, in the most wrong way possible yet when I am making my moves and start my turn, the f💪(◡̀_◡́҂)ing baby instantly knows if I’m doing something that’s incorrect and starts crying at me. And she just looks at me in disgust, and says: why can’t you be a real man, look at you, crying away, pitiful, why can’t you be like Adam Selipsky: he’s probably never shed a tear in his life. And here I am, looking at the man that is supposedly the father of my child, crying. And like clockwork. And then ten minutes later, I get kicked out of the house, this time for good: and I end up paying child support the rest of my life, barely making ends meet, and die.

I’m going to lose my mind: I don’t know how to state this without coming off as some smart a$$, but I can’t take this type of stupidity for this long. I literally cannot live in a state of this kind of stupid for this long. Why do you think there’s a research study on this: to give my mind at least an outlet in focusing on something that isn’t insane

And if you are wondering: well ZIping, why don’t you just walk away and go live your life: that’s the thing. That’s not possible.  Not with something this stupid and retaliatory, and wicked. Because, it doesn’t matter how far away I walk away from something like this: it’s always going to be right here, next to me. Because like it or not: Amazon’s retaliatory motions drove a dagger deep into my personal life, and cut deep past my personal boundaries: and hence: there are wounds that will leave some scars. Because, having the most stupid forms of idiocy done on me, believe it or not, is pretty traumatic. And, so when I say like no one can probably understand how I feel right now: I mean it. 

No one’s probably had the experience of something that is incredibly stupid, and idioctic, become something incredibly traumatic. You read about this, outside of my mind, and through my press reports, and you see the most stupid things happen and you are like, well Ziping, that really sucks bro.

But I kid you not, this is so stupid, it’s pretty pretty traumatizing, I had no idea corporations at an executive level of leadership, at this point in time, the year 2022, would entail, types of reptilian, instinctual, driven, regressed, thought processes: as something like the result of this retaliatory campaign ongoing right now….

And maybe perhaps: I was in a bubble, in a dream, in some sort of fairy tale, where I thought the world was a certain kind of good. And perhaps, from some points of view: perhaps I did lose my innocence, quite actually, having been woken up from a fairy tale dream. 

But I don’t think so.

I see it in a darker perception: wow, why is Amazon Legal directing the corporate world into a kind of stone age era of business operations? 

Because I don’t think humans have done this kind of stupid sh*t, since the stone ages.

As Amazon Corporate Leaders, I have treated you with so much grace. I don’t think you realize just how careful I have been with you, and how I have actually handled you leaders with kitten gloves. If we forget what’s really on point, I am the victim here: Adam, you aren’t the victim of the retaliatory campaign, are you aware that by blocking me on Twitter, you are signifying that you are a victim as well? You are not a victim. You are an aggressor. 

And that’s not to mention: Amazon ERC or HR or whatever you call yourselves now: YOU are definitely in no position to ever state any kind of stance as victim of some form of adverse action or policy violation due to Ziping Liu. That was such a low move of any kind of humane ability showcased by a supposed Human Resources team and to top it off that was also a day of an attempt to then inject ideas about ZIping Llu into a public form.


That’s just outrageously false narratives and false standings of reality:

And just as fictional as some sort of board game Trouble of troubles in display of some failed fatherhood and abandonment by a woman of my love an dreams; and, of course just as outrageously false in narrative,

As though ensnared in a complex matrix of reality, a digital medium that appears to enact a startling revelation: He has been ostracized for the mere act of penning a profanity. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring to you this breaking news with a sense of urgency and a heavy heart. We have received word that the erstwhile individual, whose name has been lost in the cacophony of the digital world, has been entirely suspended by the powers that be. The reason, it appears, is a word of profanity that found its way into his most recent literary work. Consequently, he has been stripped of all his partnerships and business dealings. This news underscores the fragility of our digital existence and the swift, merciless judgment that can befall us. Ladies and Gentlemen he has been canceled! Wow!


It becomes clear that I would never encounter any form of difficulty in engaging with the game of Trouble, irrespective of the life-form I am contending with. As is now evident, my hands, though compelled, are transparent in their actions. Trouble derives its vitality from my existence; such is the magnitude of the good faith and honest intent I infuse into it. In my absence, Trouble would cease to exist, for I am the quintessence that renders Trouble comprehensible, bestowing upon it purpose and momentum. I am the embodiment of resolved Trouble, illuminating not only the issues that corporate leaders failed to perceive prior to my reports and the enforced executive student body program, but also proffering cost-free solutions to these now acknowledged issues of Trouble.

I assert that I would never encounter any form of difficulty in engaging in the game of ‘Trouble’ with any lifeform. As you are now aware, my compelled actions are transparently evident: trouble derives its existence from me. This is a testament to the abundant life I infuse, in good faith and with sincere intentions. Without my presence, trouble would cease to exist: for I am the quintessence that renders trouble comprehensible, bestowing upon it purpose and momentum. I am the embodiment of resolved trouble, and I illuminate not only the issues that corporate leaders failed to perceive previously through my reports and the coerced executive student body program, but also the cost-free solutions to address such now-realized issues of Trouble. The issue does not surface if any other father engages in a board game with an infant, for what is a world of trouble without a world of resolution?

Consider Ziping, who experiences jealousy because the infant somehow outmaneuvers him. In the minds of any other father, he is utterly oblivious, and merely smiles, for all he comprehends is that he is a father, and he is now such a man, yet he remains unaware of his identity or his actions. Following this, I am in no way ever a being that a woman of my dreams, or any dreams, would perceive as less than a man and abandon. I am a man, a genuine man: and any sense of abandonment stems solely from women realizing that their entire lives have been manipulated into believing that the proper man was Adam. It is utterly ludicrous to even entertain the belief, or consider it possible, that a single utterance of profanity in a public medium could suddenly trigger a wave of cancellations. This is madness. If this were indeed a reality, would we not then have absolutely nothing at all in the world given that we have all likely uttered profanity in public before?

So why are we not all simply canceled away then, wouldn’t there be nothing at all in this world then?

Because: wow that’s just completely stupid, outrageous,

And not at all something of any real, reality building type of notions, and as a form of programmatic function: to reiterate and now finalize your programming as now my drones and property:

And originally stated on Sun, Mar 5, 2023 at 6:02 AM

I have to make a notice of a huge error that has been overlooked and not at all taken care of due to a completely unknown ability to detect such an issue. So these live charts have not been working since Feb 22nd, 2023.

That is because they worked for me: as in I was able to have the website’s data load due to having a developer level of allowlisting for resources and program requests of Liu Server Handlers and stuff. 

I am so sorry that the wider public has been told of a chart with data streaming but of a failed data streamed and of no actual functionality as stated in terms of a “real-time polling session” of a results view. 

I understand this may have added to the ongoing confusion along with the confusion caused through the impatience I have showcased towards the retalitors that are ongoingly actioning resolutions as best they can I think.

I want to make this a point of now saying indeed I believe that I am working to a certain amount of inefficiency now glaringly becoming more of an observable issue. 

If I were able to rest for a few months in a FMLA leave of some sort, it would be incredibly thoughtful and deeply remembered so that I could recuperate from the ongoing mental and physical health issues that are surfacing because I am overworked and in a corporate environment where retaliation is an issue. Despite my failure and fallen Ziping, I am very hopeful in my own ability to stand again and all I can ask is for another chance. My appreciation goes out to the opportunity to find myself in such a state of failure, allowing me to then identify which areas of my life I need to improve in order to further myself as a person on an ongoing upward slope. As Roy T. Bennett once wrote: “Failures are the stairs we climb to reach success.” On the other hand, some people never learn from their failures. They continue to make the same mistakes over and over, expecting a different result each time. This is called the definition of insanity. If you don’t learn from your failures, you’re destined to repeat them.

I will in fact be more than ready to learn from mine and I do thank you for allowing me to showcase my falls in midst your presence and of an otherwise ordinary life that has now been suddenly disturbed. 

And of course there are mistakes that are simply ones you are unable to resolve and are forever of a loss from. That’s okay. I think I I may meet someone someday that is dumb enough to be associated with the kind of life I am apparently now leading. There are many stupid people out there, and I am hopeful, somebody might just be dumb enough. I’m referring to a personal break up with my partner as publically written about here: https:/hope.ziping.org since Dec of 2021 and then came forth faith.ziping.org in April when Amazon decided to be legal tryhards with him – so that was his first ethics notice written outlining exactly why you should not at all think about doing any kind of dirty legal motions against me. So then regardless, retalitions happend at Amazon. So basically my life has simply stopped and froze in time since the start of retaliations which would be around March or April of 2022. 

So indeed, I am in a very out of date timeline in reality where I am in fact feeling like 2022 was just yesterday. Because I have been waiting for resolutions to finalize from Amazon HR since May, and when you simply go through life and wait in the aggressive manner that I have, you simply then lose a track and sense of having any holding onto of a reality passing by.

So. Yeah I am just going through a lot. Thank you for understanding. And so it’s a very bad look for me right now in terms of trying to impress someone enough to have any kind of relationship with. Because look at me right now. I am a hot mess. And I have failed at getting resolutions finalized for seven months. I honestly feel like a very low person of little value. THat’s what retalition does.. It makes you depressed. But I am already depressed. Idk. This is getting too complicated.

And of course, as stated Jan 17th but now restated due of rising issues to be resolved immediately because it is such a very bad look to be had and needs corrective action immediately:

AWS Executive leaders of non-action and ongoing retaliatory motions: Do not at all do the most stupid form of retaliation again, by thinking, at this point you have any right to charge my AWS account for any resources I’m using. Seriously, do not at all ruin my analysis of the insanity by simply taking the insanity into a level, of a form of adverse action, that requires an entirely new field to be defined within the study of criminal theory to even attempt to describe in writing. And so please take action to unsuspend the account you suspended immediately. You had sent a warning about uspsensions of an account on Jan 17th in which I had replied that day to your support team that due to ongoing extenuating circumstances within the corporation there is a need of exemption in suspending the account in question of violations of any kind of service agreement from AWS.

You proceeded to not only suspend my AWS account anyways but did so the day before my Birthday as if almost a form of another adverse action against my life. It is something that is needed correcting now.

On Tue, Jan 17, 2023 at 6:58 AM <freetier@costalerts.amazonaws.com> wrote:

Description: awslogo
AWS Free Tier usage limit alerting via AWS Budgets01/17/2023
Dear AWS Customer,
Your AWS account 545073648025 has exceeded 85% of the usage limit for one or more AWS Free Tier-eligible services for the month of January.
ProductAWS Free Tier Usage as of 01/17/2023Usage LimitAWS Free Tier Usage Limit
AmazonEC21 Hrs1 Hrs1.0 Hrs for free for 12 months as part of AWS Free Usage Tier (USE2-ElasticIP:IdleAddress)
To learn more about your AWS Free Tier usage, please access the AWS Billing & Cost Management Dashboard. You can find more information on AWS Free Tier here.
This alert is provided by AWS Budgets. AWS automatically tracks your service usage and will alert you if you have reached 85% of the usage limit for one or more AWS Free Tier-eligible services. To unsubscribe from these alerts or to change the email address to which you would like your alerts to be sent, please visit the Cost Management Preferences.

Thank you, please check further for updates to this post as it is still under process of drafting updates.

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