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Author's note: Unfortunately, I am caught in a most unfortunate predicament due to an abscessed wisdom tooth that began developing in late November, and has caused me great distress as a result. As a result of this vile abscess, my gums have developed a vile pocket that is teeming with a loathsome amalgamation of bacteria, deceased gum cells, blood, and mucus. My ignorance of this condition was blissfully deceiving until very recently, in which I foolishly mistook the increasing pressure in my jaw for nothing more than everyday stress. As a result of this increased pressure over the past three months, I have experienced intermittent lapses in consciousness and focus. Throughout my daily endeavors, I have been unable to sustain concentration for more than eight seconds as a result of these vexing episodes. For most legal professionals or associates, such transgressions may be considered acceptable, however they constitute a grave affront to my own prodigious mental acuity that has been honed over a lifetime. I would like to tell you the story of my unfortunate encounter on July 21, which occurred on the fateful day of July 21st. As I dutifully attended to the mundane task of brushing my teeth, the accursed abscess within me unleashed its wrath, causing a cataclysmic eruption of pressure that left half of my face paralyzed. That harrowing moment forced me to confront this malevolent force's overwhelming dominance. It is therefore in limbo that I am in, oscillating between fleeting relief from the vanquished pressure and agonizing regression as the ceaseless drain of this vile concoction continues to cause havoc throughout my body. Considering the lamentable qualities exhibited by Amazon's stakeholders, I am at this moment unimpressed yet unsurprised that my time on this earthly plane may be limited... As the immortal Jimi Hendrix once melodiously proclaimed: "I'm the one that's got to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to." While Amazon's stakeholders may have a negative impact on the environment, I believe that it is up to each individual to determine how they will live their life. We all have a right to live our lives the way that we choose, despite the consequences of our actions.

Ziping Liu – About Me and Current Position

Presently working as a Full-Stack Developer, Software Engineer, Dev-Ops Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Technical Writer, Journalist, Editor, Graphics Designer, UI Designer, Therapist, and Life Coach for Amazon.com and Amazon Web Services.

Aside from my professional obligations, I volunteer for a local non-profit organization, currently as their lead IT director, maintaining their IT systems and services in accordance with their status as a public charity (religious, non-political, and research), 501(c)(3). “You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”  

Currently expanding professional stack towards areas of intelligence and reconnaissance work. I mean the data is already simply flowing and in bits and pieces scattered across the liu networks, but I might as well make it organized into a database of pokedex and capture them all, at least, well, in case I die then at least I can leave behind a legacy of future generations to arrest.

And congratulations, shoutout, to one of my HRBP at Amazon Web Services: Now SR. HRBP

A brief congratulations to Caroline Gray, now SR HRBP at AWS

Important Personal Information due to recent milestone reached in health status

Hey again, it’s Ziping with a personal note about myself. I’d like to provide a bit of a personal overview regarding current experiences of mine given a notable milestone reached. Oh this isn’t really going to be about my resume or anything. In case you are wondering what my resume looks like you can view it below. Just note that it is outdated and needs to be updated with additional experiences from Amazon’s retaliatory campaign this past year of 2023.

I actually want to talk about the matter of my ongoing victimization

And specifically my state of victimhood via Amazon’s predatory adverse actions as part of their planned retaliation against an employee, specifically myself. Primarily given that I am beginning to realize perhaps the notion of me being victimized is not at all a very cognizant or even acknowledged aspect concerning the ongoing retaliations at large.

  • The consequence then would cause the issue at large to then no longer hold weight as actually criminal and hence limiting the notion of the ongoing retaliations as serious or of severe misconduct. 
  • The reason for victimhood to possibly lack the appropriate awareness in part for my identity may quite simply be because such an aspect has not been apparent from reports released. 

Given that I don’t like writing about things like “being a victim” because it’s not really a productive kind of mindset to have, let’s just do the necessary stance of my current victimization with just one press release, this one, to thus ensure the criminality of Amazon’s conduct is made clear as severe misconduct. And given that my victimhood here is not commonly known or understood as part of the inherent nature of retaliation and blackmail: it would be reasonable to then view the aspects of someone easily regarded as a victim.

Let’s talk about being man as hunted victim: The Story of the “Grizzly Man” 

IN terms of understanding victimhood, let me introduce an example of victimhood that is universally understood as such given the basic and primitive context in which victimhood arises. Hence, let me start off by providing the story of a victim, known as the “Grizzly Man” via an easy to read timeline format.


Known as the grizzly man, Timothy Treadwell was born on April 19th, 1957

He was brought up in a middle-class family and enjoyed a relatively normal childhood. From an early age, Treadwell became fascinated by wildlife and nature. He spent a lot of time exploring the outdoors.



After entering adulthood, Treadwell found himself consumed by a deep sense of dissatisfaction and a crippling reliance on alcohol. 

 This led him down a path of reckless behavior and a dangerous addiction. It was during his darkest moment, when he was intoxicated and wandering alone in the untamed wilderness of Alaska, that he had a profound encounter. Out of nowhere, a colossal bear emerged from the dense foliage and stood face to face with him. In that moment, Treadwell, resigned to his fate, felt something inexplicable, something truly magical. The bear, as if touched by a higher power, retreated and disappeared into the wilderness. This extraordinary experience became a turning point in Treadwell’s life, igniting within him a newfound passion for the natural world. He embraced the role of an environmentalist, dedicating himself to the protection of the very creatures that had captivated his heart. The company of bears became his solace, and he sought refuge in the untamed beauty of the wilderness, spending his summers immersed in their world. As Boyd Norton, a renowned wildlife biologist, once wrote, “Wilderness gave us knowledge. Wilderness made us human. We came from here.” Treadwell’s connection to the land and its inhabitants was profound, a bond that resonated deep within his soul.



Treadwell’s life took a tragic turn as he became a renowned activist, forming what appeared to be deep and meaningful connections with the wild bears he encountered over time.

Fate dealt him a cruel blow, turning the very thing that had given him a newfound purpose into his ultimate downfall. The heart-wrenching truth is that the final moments of his life were captured on his camcorder, but only as an audio recording, a haunting testament to his harrowing ordeal. The tape, lasting approximately 6 agonizing minutes, echoes with Tim’s desperate cries and pleas for survival, a chilling reminder of his unimaginable suffering. Unlike those who are fortunate enough to slip away into a peaceful dreamlike state, Tim’s demise was a slow and torturous one, his consciousness acutely aware of the impending doom. As he beseeches the bear for mercy, his pleas fall on deaf ears, the bear seemingly oblivious to the excruciating pain and torment Timothy endures. The only sound that lingers is the haunting echo of Timothy’s fading screams as he is mercilessly dragged into the unforgiving wilderness, vanishing into the depths of the brush and away from the safety of his camp. And in a cruel twist of fate, the audio captures the heart-wrenching screams of Timothy’s girlfriend as the bear returns to claim yet another innocent life.


And so, how does Treadwell’s victimhood relate and give way to explaining the victimhood found in Ziping’s environment?

In which case, an environment of Amazon that is not at all referring to the notion of a wilderness jungle such as in the Amazon located in South America?


Ziping Liu was born

Blah blah blah. He enjoys blah blah blah as a child and blah blah blah.



Ziping Liu’s journey after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin took a dark turn as he found himself grappling with an overwhelming depression that had plagued him since his college days.

In his interview with Time Magazine, Ziping Liu described this state as “a complete loss of purpose and meaning, a void that left him devoid of any positive or negative emotions.” He summarizes such voice or this emptiness as worse than death itself. Despite his efforts to overcome his depression, Ziping found himself at rock bottom, forcing him to take a federally protected medical leave from his new job at a tier-1 technology company. Lost and alone, he embarked on a risky journey into the depths of the Amazon Ethics hotline, attempting to simply already walk as if amongst the dead given the notoriety of such ethics hotline as not an ethics hotline at all but rather a suicide line of one’s employee position. It was during this desperate quest that he unexpectedly encountered a wild Amazonian attorney, who, in a moment of pure magic, froze and disappeared. This encounter became a turning point in Ziping’s life, igniting a newfound purpose as an ethics hotline whistleblower within Amazon. He found solace and connection among the wild Amazonian attorneys, viewing them as more compassionate and understanding than their human counterparts.



In a tragic turn of events, Ziping, almost as if finding himself in Treadwell’s story, found himself in a harrowing situation where he was hunted down by a ruthless group of attorneys. 

These individuals saw him as nothing more than a disposable asset, someone to be retaliated against and discarded without a second thought. Suddenly, he was cast out onto the streets, stripped of his worth and left to fend for himself. As the final blow from Amazon legal came crashing down, the last moments of Ziping’s existence were recorded in writing that showcased desperate cries and pleas for the retaliation to cease especially given the premise of an existing medically protected disability and leave at risk. But Amazon legal and the medical leave department remained eerily silent, their actions speaking louder than words. Instead of offering support and understanding, they eerily remained silent, and only can be seen simply sending a new medical leave notice which congratulated Zipping on his approved FMLA medical leave with a new end date that rendered his current leave inactive. It was a cruel and heartless act, a betrayal of trust and a crushing blow to Ziping’s already fragile state and simply reminiscent of a bear chewing away at a helpless Treadwell.


○ Takeaways

In a lot of aspects Ziping’s victimhood can be seen as parallel to Treadwell’s victimization. As already mentioned above, in which an outline of each person’s victimhood provides a remarkably similar chain of events, in which case similarity can be broken down into further ideas found from victimhood, defined as: the state of being a victim and in which case the victim is defined as: one that is acted on and usually adversely affected by a force or agent. In which case then Ziping and Treadwell’s victimhood are similar given the below key similarities found in victimhood.

Agent driven rather than force driven
Agent driven rather than force driven 85%
Affecting adverse reactions in one’s physical health
Affecting adverse reactions in one’s physical health 81%
Initiated by premeditated motives or planning
Initiated by premeditated motives or planning 71%

And now notable and of concern is a new development of personal matters surrounding my current physical health during my stolen FMLA leave.

I don’t mean to repeat myself, but I must stress the gravity of my health. An abscess has formed in my wisdom tooth, causing severe swelling on one side of my face. This could potentially lead to pericoronitis. Neglecting proper medical treatment for my impacted wisdom tooth at this stage could result in sepsis, a life-threatening condition. As Martin Luther King Jr., the renowned American civil rights activist, once poignantly stated, ‘In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”

I would act at a faster pace, I will admit this: in terms of my body becoming infected in other areas outside of the source infected zone (my wisdom tooth) is less likely than the typical expectancy. That’s because I have already also mentioned this: in terms of physical health my body has always been on top of things, as you can very much tell from what I look like. In terms of mental health, like I said I suffer from depression and right now this is making me more depressed. In terms of what depression can cause on the physical body: it can weaken the immune system and etcetera. So if this chain cycle of idiocy continues of non-resolve by you, I will die for you.

And so in part by the action of resolutions ongoing, I am awaiting the reactivation of my Aetna health insurance in which then I can make an appointment with a dentist so that an evaluation of my currently abscessed tooth can be made and further medical treatments then initiated: which is something that is pretty reasonable and of expected accessible nature, for any person that is of citizenship of a NATO country. But I guess with some country’s like the USA, having accessible healthcare as promised by federally protected medical leaves and regulations is just way too much to ask, especially for someone like me, who went through internal channels of escalating issues: much like how Mr. Grusch has gone through internal channels of the Government to escalate his, yet instead of being investigated internally as an issue raised through internal whistleblow channels, Amazon legal decided to use the very channel opened by their entity to instead retaliate against Ziping Liu.

Amazon legal are you not realizing the importance of having an operating ethics hotline in which internal issues are investigated through internally raised issues? Do you not understand that the fact that you instead utilized your internal hotline as means to retaliate rather than to investigate is not at all a clever showing of the leadership body or organizational stability as a whole given: are you actually this dense, this stupid, this broken in understanding, what makes an organization run and what breaks down an organization over time? Because without the ability to self-correct organization issues, issues then grow larger and thus, ultimately, causing an organization collapse. Are you just this far removed in ability and capability in understanding this concept? Jesus christ…

Ziping Liu’s Live Heartbeat Graph

At this point it is probably useful to know if Ziping is still with us. At this point in time, you can now see a real-time view of Ziping’s heart*, given that it is particularly interesting to view during a period in which Ziping is suffering from a tooth abscess. Please note that in the case that the data is not loading, or does not appear to showcase the latest heartbeat, is not a guarantee in reflecting Ziping’s heart rate in real life due to possibilities of display caused by network errors, programmatic errors, etc, given the lack of medical grade certification for the code used to generate heart displays. Please note that Ziping has no known physical health issues and is known to have a normal resting heart rate of 55-59 BPM. Obviously the currently rate in which Ziping’s BPM has showcased in real time is abnormal, and most likely due to the infectious bacterial attack originating from his abscessed wisdom tooth. Ziping Liu has already provided warnings of health decline to Amazon executives and Government officials since November 2022 in which case he has been ignored and told to die, by none other than Bob Ferguson himself. Moreover, as seen in the latest polls and so forth, Amazon executives and Government officials have lied about the progress of resolutions ongoing in which, the simple matter of Ziping’s health insurance has not been activated.

Ziping Liu is not on unemployment benefits, cobra, or any other related government subsidies for entities of loss of business of employment given the fact that Ziping is currently employed by Amazon, with all requirements stated explicit, yet in lieu of such, purposefully misfiled and stated as “terminated” without reason by Amazon ERC since. This is an explicit two pronged attack on Ziping Liu in which Amazon legal had planned for Ziping to utilize unemployment benefits to then warrant their stance as Ziping’s termination as valid, but Ziping is of honest integrity and thus has no lied to the government about this employment status. He is currently employed at Amazon.com, a Delaware company, and being murdered by executives both Amazon and governance, as we speak, including in part by institutions of high education such as the University of Texas at Austin as led by Dr. Bovik.

But is the case matter here that Dr. Bovik is of any real value in research ability, greater than Ziping? As it turns out, unfortunately no, despite having a PhD while Ziping remains with only a Bachelors’.

I don’t think anyone, especially Dr. Bovik, would have the ability to sustain a 8 hour average work day, researching the latest in machine learning, while running a full fledged enterprise IT system, during a stolen FMLA leave in which health issues, such as an abscessed wisdom tooth, is fully existent.

Ziping Liu’s statement, In reference to whether Dr. Bovik is of any research ability similar in calibar to Ziping Liu

*Please note that Ziping Liu’s heartbeat graph is no longer available as a live, real-time graph, of Ziping’s current heart rate. This is due to the trial period of the service used to transmit real-time health data expiring, and also due to mainly issues surrounding Ziping’s abscessed tooth reaching a point of almost having recovery fully. That’s right. Amazon executives and government stakeholders have at this point, taken zero action in resolve, while watching Ziping Liu go through an entire episode of health related symptoms caused by an abscessed wisdom tooth. That is to say, this kind of behavior is beyond cruel and unusual, and undoubtedly, insane and a showcase of leaders currently unfit to serve given their inability to act in what can be described as dereliction of required duties by Amazon Executives and Government Stakeholders before advanced showings of enemy presence, in which case enemy presence herein refers to presence of individuals acting in misconduct.

Amazon associates and affiliates Live Readership Heartbeat Graph

Learning Rates

What is this? This is a live graph of readers associated to Amazon.com or its affiliates, in real-time, of reading… Not the latest reports sent out by of Phase 4. That’s right, this is a real time graph of Amazon associates or partners reading emails sent out, including and up to emails sent during Phase 4, but not of Phase 5 or 6. Due to bandwidth and server constraints, we are unable to provide real-time graphs of readership during Phase 5 or 6 Preliminaries.

LiuLock new version in works and process

Okay so the initial text run of training has completely with stable and working results
Now initiating a new training session intended to now run for a longer session given the stable initial model resultant from a test run
And in case you are curious, here’s an aggregate graph of trainings ran. Behold, witness my growth as a scholar of the highest order, a PhD level Machine Learning Researcher, dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of language and text generation. And yet, what lamentable display has Amazon legal presented? Their feeble attempts at progress, as purported JD level attorney generals, bound by solemn oaths to uphold the sacred rule of law, have instead chosen a path of deception, forsaking the very essence of truth.
As unfortunately showcased in recent generated commentaries, prevalent is odd inclusions of html syntax within the text generation. This is possibly the result of utilizing a dataset which inadequetly parsed the wordpress post content (which in its original raw form is html). As a result a new dataset has been created and is currently being used for training above. The new dataset has been thoroughly filtered of any form of html syntax and ensures that the resultant text is of actual content of the post without any sort of rendering type syntaxes embedded. Also the author would like to remind you that it has gotten far more difficult with engaging in complex reasoning and formulations, given the ongoing, debilitating pain from a currently abscessed wisdom tooth. I am beginning really suck at fucking doing high level mathematics given, I cannot fucking focus with this fucking pain in my mouth.

And the training has finished for the run show right above. And I am just simply stunned, this seems to be, so far, the most promising graph of training loss yet. And it stuns me not because of having achieved such a result thus far, but because such achievement has been the result of my journey in further refining the workflow in which case such refinement is in fact refinement leading towards a direction of evidenced progress. I cannot tell you how great this feeling is, and I cannot wait to have you soon see what I mean when I release full master class guide for development in text based generative ai which will be a guide with requirement of any background knowledge other than at least knowledge of algebra. In terms of anything else needed, I will teach you in my guide. Note: Due to Amazon legal pursuing ongoing retaliatory actions that are severely impacting the author’s health, the release of future literature may cease unexpectedly and without intent in the event that the author passes away following health regressions impacted by retaliatory victimhood, which includes development guides planned including the one mentioned wherein.

The graph above was only a warmup training session. The full training session has finished, and its graph is now viewable below.

As unfortunately showcased in recent generated commentaries, prevalent is odd inclusions of html syntax within the text generation. This is possibly the result of utilizing a dataset which inadequetly parsed the wordpress post content (which in its original raw form is html). As a result a new dataset has been created and is currently being used for training above. The new dataset has been thoroughly filtered of any form of html syntax and ensures that the resultant text is of actual content of the post without any sort of rendering type syntaxes embedded. Also the author would like to remind you that it has gotten far more difficult with engaging in complex reasoning and formulations, given the ongoing, debilitating pain from a currently abscessed wisdom tooth. I am beginning really suck at fucking doing high level mathematics given, I cannot fucking focus with this fucking pain in my mouth.

And so what now?

Well given how I am currently blocked by external circumstances in making further endevours or long term goals at the moment given the outrageously regressed state of my health that could had easily not been the case if only Amazon executives had actioned items like they said they would, but instead, lying to me for over a f*cking year.

I have created a generally accessible form of synthetic’s that provides insight with limited background context understood in terms of, special forms of syntax or context required in order to produce intelligible generated texts. The goal now at least, which is something that will require less planning and time, is to now have it run in an optimized form. So indeed I am trying to have it run on smaller devices at this point which will in turn open more doors in applicable uses and thus adding further momentum the the momentum which has made it’s way,

As what can be stated as a motion of reports wherein as official press releases on behalf of Amazon.com and its affiliates, now celebrating our 1 year anniversary.

As an addendum, honoring the work that the Department of Labor provides in protecting Americans from Discrimination, but not really

Having trouble viewing this email? View it as a webpage.

US Department of Labor
US Department of Labor - Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs

Celebrating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 

Today we celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation, and all public and private places that are open to the people.

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) works to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities. OFCCP enforces Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (Section 503), which prohibits federal contractors and subcontractors from discriminating against individuals with disabilities. Contractors are also required to take affirmative action steps to recruit, hire, promote, and retain these individuals.

In addition to measuring contractors’ compliance with Section 503, OFCCP investigates complaints of disability discrimination. In FY22 through the first half of FY23, OFCCP recovered $51,703.00 in monetary relief for affected class members.

We offer compliance assistance and resources to educate contractors and workers about the rights of individuals with disabilities:

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) also provides free resources that educate employers seeking to recruit, hire, retain, and advance qualified employees with disabilities. ODEP’s, Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion (EARN) provides companies with some of the following resources on accommodations and more:


Test Your Knowledge: What President signed the Americans with Disabilities Act?        

Answer Here

Protecting Workers. Promoting Diversity. Enforcing the Law.

An overview of the situation regarding the intentional mishandling of Ziping’s medical leaves by Amazon legal is presented in this report

New Ethics Case Submitted

Please note that this post is still being drafted and updated. Please do check back for the latest updates. As always, you can view the live poll progress of responses in Amazon associates/affiliates statement of legal binding status in resolving retaliatory idiocy here, and here. AND yeah so a lot of them have been liars for the last year. Wow that’s good look. Oh yeah, and there’s also a heartbeat graph showcasing readership of notices sent to Amazon and its affiliates.

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