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A Notice Finally to Another One

First Published on Friday, September 1, 2023

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I find myself in a position of financial incapacity, unable to bear the cost of dispatching a letter to the EOC. The question that haunts my every waking moment is this: How am I to navigate these turbulent waters when my employer, with a callous disregard for my wellbeing, subjects me to physical harm and peril by revoking my health leave, disabling my health services, and denying me reasonable accommodations essential for my existence? This, all while failing to remunerate me with a wage that is just and fair. Is it not a matter of grave concern that this issue is still viewed through a lens of willful ignorance, tainted by an erroneous bias that reduces this to a mere white-collar crime? The emotional toll is immeasurable, the injustice, palpable.

Let Synthethic’s Help With Further Insight and Analysis

  • Earlier, I had made Apologies for the brief service stoppages of Synthetics chat. Currently there’s some odd request protocol that needs to be tinkered with to pass through the hoops of getting data to and from our in-house servers (which is more difficult since a lot of things had to be set up from the ground up). 
  • After taking some extra steps in escalations on my end the synthetics chat form is now available for support and clarity regarding issues. 
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